Friday, December 30, 2005


Another day wasted fighting the water system

I spent all afternoon and evening trying to figure out why my water system quit working. All of a sudden, no water. First, I noticed the breaker was tripped. When I reset it, and turned on the pressure switch, it blew the breaker again. That made me think (guess) that the pressure switch was defective, so I put in the one I replaced last summer. That didn't help, so I put in the old control box from last summer. Still no help. I put the new one back in and spent several hours trying to figure out whether it was defective. Finally, I gave up.

Then, I decided to inspect the pump itself. Guess what, there was a short out beside the pump, where I had spliced two cables together last summer. It had burned through all three wires and was sparking to the ground!! So, I went out into the cold with all my tools and splices and tape to repair it. After an hour of fighting, I got it spliced. When we hit the breaker, nothing....

I went back through the pressure switch, and noticed that it was only getting current from one side. That meant either the breaker was defective or the double pole on/off switch was bad. I pulled the switch and fortunately had a replacement. Finally, the pump came on. But as soon as it pressurized the system, the brass fitting behind the pressure switch sprang a leak! It's an odd piece; I hope Home Despot has one like it... It will take a couple hours to replace, tomorrow.

I realized that I no longer understand 220 Volt wiring at all. I can still do 110, since I've done it so much, but the 220 pump system is now beyond me. If you don't use it...

Y just announced that since she couldn't shower in the morning tomorrow, she can't go to town with us - since she can't wash her hair....

The new Dell 24" LCD Monitor is really FANTASTIC!!! I can't believe how large the screen is. It's really nice for AutoCAD. It took only a few minutes to hook it up using the DVI cable - here's to Microsoft's really cool plug-and-play feature. I ended up reorganizing the layout of my sound system and computer parts. Everything seems to fit better.

Today, I listened to Yo-Yo Ma's 6 Unaccompanied Cello Suites! Amazing. I'd only heard small parts before. So fine, so entrancing, I'd like to listen to it with a good pair of headphones and no interruptions, like the g.....m water system.

Got a little frustrated today with my cello. I played about an hour and was about to quit. I just couldn't seem to get it. Rather than quit, though, I started into the workbook. It grounds me, sort of. I was able to reconnect, again, and worked out for another 45 minutes. I'd like to be able to say "every day was better than the last", but anyone who is learning music would know that was a lie. There are just going to be some bad days. But I'm glad I was able to get out of it by going back to the basics. I'll have to remember that.

Tomorrow, I'm going to blog about learning spanish at age 47, and then having to live it.

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