Thursday, December 15, 2005


Blatantly lifted from other blogs (1):

(thanx, Ethan Winer)

A 12-Ounce Pound Cake
Accurate Horoscope
Act Naturally
Adult Children
Advanced BASIC
Agree to Disagree
Airline Food
Almost Done, Almost Exactly, Almost Ready
Alone Together
Anarchy Rules!
Anxious Patient
Appearance Hearing
Approximately Equal
Artificial Intelligence
Assistant Supervisor
Auction Winner (you still have to pay for it!)
Authentic Reproduction
Awfully Good
Awfully Nice
Baby Grand
Bad Health
Bad Luck
Bad Sex
Bad Sport
Ball Club
Black Gold (slang for crude oil)
Black Light
Blue Green
Big Baby
Bitter Sweet
Boneless Ribs
Books on Tape
Bright Night
Buffalo Wings
Business Ethics
Butt Head
Cardinal Sin
Casual Dress
Cautiously Optimistic
Chocolate 'Nilla Wafers
Civil Disobedience
Civil Servant
Civil War
Classic Rock
Clean Litter
Clearly Misunderstood
Clever Fool
Click the start button to shut down
Close Distance
Cold Fever, Cold Sweat
Comedic Tragedy
Commercial Art
Compassionate Conservative
Computer Jock
Concession Stand
Congressional Ethics
Conscious Sedation (hospital term)
Conservative Stock (as in the Stock Market)
Conservative Think Tank
Constant Change, Constant Variable
Crash Landing
Creation Science
Criminal Justice
Criminal Mastermind
Crisis Management
Critical Acclaim
Cruel to be Kind
Current History
Dark Star
Deafening Silence
Death Benefits
Definite Maybe
Detailed Summary
Devout Atheist
Diet Ice Cream
Dodge Ram
Doing Nothing
Domestic Violence
Double Solitaire
Down Escalator
Drug War
Dry Gin, Dry Ice, Dry Lake, Dry Martini
Dull Knife
Educational TV
Elementary Calculus
Elevated Subway
Elevator Shoes
Evaporated Milk
Even Odds
Exact Estimate
Executive Assistant
Express Bus
Extended Limits
Extinct Life
Extra Time, Extra Money
Factory Air
Family Planning Association (you go there to not have a family!)
Family Vacation
Fatally Injured
First Annual
Foreign National
Forward Lateral (football term)
Found Missing
Freezer Burn
Fresh Cheese
Fresh Frozen
Fresh Smelt
Friendly Argument
Friendly Fire
Front End
Fun Run
Functional Illiterate
Fuzzy Logic
Gentleman Bandit
Gentleman's Club
Gentle Turbulence
Girly Man
Global Village
Good Cigar
Good Grief
Good Loser
Good Shit
Gourmet Pizza
Government Organization
Government Intelligence
Government Worker
Graduate Student
Graphic Language
Greater Cleveland
Greater Evil
Group of individuals
Growing Smaller
Guest Host
Gun Safe
Half Full (or Half Empty)
Hamburger Steak
Happily Married
Hard Curve
Hard Liquor
Hard Pillow
Hard Roll
Hard Water
Haitian former President-for-life Jean-Claude Duvalier
Head Butt
Healthy Tan
Heavy Gas
Hermitage (where multiple hermits live)
Hell's Angels
High Minimum Wage
High-Speed Computer
Higher Ground
Highway Underpass
Holistic Healing
Hollow Point
Holy Crap
Holy War
Homeopathic Medicine
Honest Crook
Hopelessly Optimistic
Horse Fly
Hot Chili
Hot Ice
House Boat
Humble Opinion
Ice Water, Iced Coffee
Idiot Savant
Incredibly Convincing
Independent Financial Advisor
Industrial Park
Inexpensive Car
Instant Classic
Internet Security
Invisible Ink
Irate Patient
Jet Lag
Job Security
Jumbo Shrimp
Junk Food
Lamp Shade
Last Initial
Lean Pork
Least Favorite
Legal Brief
Legally Drunk
Legitimate Ruler
Liberal Bias
Light Heavyweight
Limited Edition Print
Limited Lifetime Guarantee
Liquid Crystal
Liquid Gas
Little Giant
Live Recording
Living Dead
Long Shorts
Loud Whisper
"Love to Hate"
Low Altitude
Man Child
Mandatory Elective
Mandatory Option
Marijuana Initiative
Melted Ice
Mercy Killing
Metal Wood (golf club)
Microsoft Works
Mild Abrasive
Military Intelligence, Military Justice
Minor Disaster
Miracle Drug
Mobile Station
Modern Classic
Modern History
Mournful Optimism
Moving Target
Much Less
Music Business
Mutual Differences
Natural Makeup
Near Miss
Necessary Evil
Negative Growth (economic recession)
New and Improved
New Classic
New Tradition
Night Light
Non-Dairy Creamer
Non-Denominational Church
Non-Stop Flight
"Now, then"
Old Boy
Old News
One-man band
Only Choice
Open Marriage
Open Secret
Organized Mess
Original Copy
Paid Volunteer
Partially Complete
Passive Aggression
Peace Force, Peace Offensive, Peacemaker Missile
Perfect Idiot
Perfectly Awful
Pet Fish
Plastic Glasses
Plastic Silverware
Political Science
Postal Service
Posthumous Conception (using sperm frozen before the donor died)
Preemptive Self-Defense
Press Release
Pretty Ugly
Primitive Technology (Aboriginal and other early crafts)
Progressive Conservative
Public Opinion (opinions are unique)
Pure Evil
Random Logic
Rap Artist
Rap Music, Military Music
Rarely Done
Reagan Democrat
Reality Television
Recent History
Red Licorice
Relaxation Exercise
Religious Education
Religious Tolerance
Resident Alien
Restless Sleep
Retired Worker
Rolling Stop
Rogue Cop
Rural Metro (ambulance service)
Rush Hour
Safety Hazard
Same Difference
Sanitary Landfill
Science Fiction
Second Best
Self-help Group
Self-rescue (wind-surfing term)
Serious Clown
"Seriously, you need to lighten up."
Short Distance
Silent Alarm
Silent Scream
Single Diversity (a type of wireless microphone)
Singular Relationship
Sit Up
Slumber Party
Small Crowd
Small World
Social Outcast
Social Science
Soft Rock
Solo Concert
Sour Cream
Speed Limit
Stand Down
Stock Modified (performance car term)
Stop Action
Straight Hooks
String Cheese
Stripper's Dressing Room
Structured C Program
Student Teacher
Suicide Victim
Sure Bet
Sweet and Sour
Sweet Sorrow
Synthetic natural gas
Talk Show
Tax Return
Tentative Decision
Terribly Nice
Terribly Pleased
Terrific Headache
Tight Slacks
Titanium woods (golf clubs)
Toll Free
Tough Love
Traffic Flow
Tragic Comedy
Truck Farm
Turned Up Missing
Unacceptable Solution
Unbiased Opinion
Uninvited Guest
United Independent (a real taxi company in Los Angeles)
United Nations
Unknown Identity
Upper Low (weather term)
Urban Cowboy
Useful Oxymoron
Vibrating Ringtone
Victimless Crime
Virtual Reality
War Games
Where the Truth Lies
White Chocolate
White Lie
Wicked Good
Wireless Cable (type of cable TV transmission)
Work Party
Working Vacation
Young Adult

Cello Stuff
Today I hooked up my computer to the TV set so I could watch the tuner/analyzer while I was playing. I set the microphone at the base of the music stand, and whenever I wanted to check my fingering, rather than look at my fingers, I'd look at the meter to see how I was doing, and then move my finger slightly if needed to find the exact
note (within a few tenths of a Hz). It was different to play that way - especially just after taking off the adhesive tape.

I'm wondering whether or not it's a good idea to see this while I'm playing. It's sort of like biofeedback, where you watch a display of your brainwaves and do some relaxation exercises - pretty soon, you get to where you can relax just by watching and unconsciously controlling the brainwave patterns. If I watch the music waves while I'm playing, would I learn the same sort of unconscious contol of the tones (by proper finger placement)?

I played all morning just doing fingering workouts, trying to get the placements right - and yes, I used the display at times to see how I was doing. I didn't get to any actual pieces today - it took 20 to 30 minutes to work through each page of exercises. I'm also trying to stretch my fingers while not playing.

I've "played" the clarinet, the piano, and the violin - but none well. I never got the same feeling of connectedness with those instruments that I get every time I pick up my cello! I only stop playing each day when my fingers stop working, sometimes I'll then do some bowing exercises on the open strings for a while.

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