Wednesday, December 28, 2005



Z has been infatuated with hippos since he was 2. His room is filled with stuffed hippos (teddy bears), plastic models, photos, news articles, you name it. Whenever he had a choice for a toy or book, if a hippo themed object was available, that's what he chose. I was the same way with elephants.

Yesterday, Y began to hint rather obviously that she wanted her laptop computer back in the evenings. I've monopolized it every night after dinner since starting this blog. At first it was "fine" with her. After a few weeks I began to sense a little edge to her willingness to let me take it out of her sewing room. But she kept insisting. Yesterday, she suggested we use the $500 BestBuy gift card we got with her new sewing machine to buy another laptop for me to use in the evenings. Now,at least, I no longer had to decide which receiver to buy (I'd been looking unsuccessfully for one that had phono inputs for my turntable). I went to BestBuy's online site and found a pretty good HP laptop for $850. She then offered to put up the difference after the gift card from her recent Ebay sales of her old sewing software. Since my desktop is also a new HP, it will be a pretty good matchup. This one has a built-in Wi-Fi and a workable battery (unlike this laptop I'm using now, whose battery no longer works).

Anyway, BestBuy's online site wouldn't take my order because they only ship via ground. So, once again I called them. It took more than an hour to walk two different people through the issue. Each one told me that their computers wouldn't take the order, either. So I explained that the previous order for a monitor earlier this month was only possible when they entered a dummy address. The first clerk couldn't do anything, the second one, who spoke broken English with an Indian accent over a bad phone connection, finally understood what I wanted and got permission from her supervisor to do the same thing. I was so close to slamming the phone down and driving 6 hours RT to Anchorage to pick one up in person.

I HATE TELEPHONE ORDERING SYSTEMS! What a pain! Their internet site offers shipping to APO and FPO addresses, which like Alaska aren't accessible by Ground Shipping, but won't accept Alaska addresses. Best Buy sucks! I'll never order from them again.

From now on, if I do have to talk to someone on a help line or make a phone order, if they don't speak good, clear English, I'll just hang up and call later. I've gotten fed up trying to explain complicated things to people who barely speak the language, much less have the capability to follow the complicated nuances that led me to them in the first place.

Nothing significant on the cello, today, except incremental progress. I'm still working on that new piece - got a bit further today; tomorrow I'll get it right.

I got an email back from D. He'd figured we had probably left Alaska. I'd like to stay in touch with him. Actually, I'd like to do some work with him - we worked well together.

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