Friday, December 02, 2005


I like Ann Coulter because she is so unabashedly sure of herself

Fourth day
Good progress with fingering the D major scale, and with my bowing. My forefinger still hurts, but the rubber tip seems to help. I didn't seem to have a problem with how I held the bow. I put in an hour and a half today before I got too tired to play.

More Politics
I watch the "O'Reilly Factor" every afternoon (it airs at 4 pm in Alaska). I generally agree with Bill on many issues; and even when I don't agree, I at least find his arguments interesting. He's a blowhard (harumph) and often puts on his angry, blustering, indignant, big-guy persona. But he is entertaining. I sent him an email once, asking if he was a mispelled relative of that great literary bloviator, Ignatious J'Reilly.

I'm still wondering about John Murtha. OK, we're all supposed to give him some slack because he was a Viet Nam veteran or something, and apparently it's not PC to criticize him for proposing such a whacked out idea. It's been intereresting how it's all playing out, too. The first outraged response by the other side brought all the old war horses (Kennedy, Kerry, Biden, etc.) from their secure senatorial tenures out into the spotlight, where they took an indignant position firmly behind Murtha's right to say whatever the hell he wants, because he's a war hero or something like that. Then all the talking heads quickly hit the cable shows and dutifully adhered to their talking points, issued by party central. In the end, only a handful of the ultra-lefties, like Pelos!, actually agreed publicly with Murtha, everyone else followed their scripts, outraged that anyone would dare criticize a war veteran...

Let me set the record straight: I think Murtha is out of his friggin' mind.
He's gone whacko; demented; lost-in-space; Alley-Z; whatever... I do respect the hell out of him for his service in Viet Nam. Even though he's followed that up with a long career in Congress, he's now off his game for whatever reason. I fully respect his right to say whatever he wants about anything he wants. But I totally don't agree that he has more of a right not to have to face the heat for what he's said than anyone else would.

Because, what he's saying borders on sedition. If I were a terrorist on the run today in Iraq, hiding out in a new place every few days, trusting no one, I'd sure as hell take comfort from hearing that some "highly decorated congressman, who served...[blah blah]" is pushing for the US to pull out. I'd only have to hold on a little bit longer...

On the other hand, if I were a GI trying to hunt down these terrorists amid the dust, the heat, the confusion, the language barriers, the corruption, and all the squabbles between the various tribes and sects; I'd be feeling pretty low right now about all this new "support" from back home. I'd be asking myself why I should bother sticking my neck out on those raids, if in the end we're just going to bail out and turn it all back over to these same people anyway. After all, isn't that exactly what happened in Viet Nam?

Sad Damn It
I believe that Saddamn had lots of WMDs but he also had lots of propoganda, his own problem was he himself didn't believe he'd be so succesful at convincing us he was so dangerous that our response would be an invasion. I think he moved his WMDs into Syria or Saudi Arabia or maybe even Iran, just before the invasion. I not sure if the host country even knows about it. About the intelligence reports on all that, I suspect that the Washington snoops who did the basic data mining were the least comfortable with the data. The senior snoops, who compiled and summarized all the bits and pieces of the data, are sure to have made a lot of extrapolations, which after all is what they are expected (and trained) to do. The whole WMD issue was only part of the reason for our knocking off Saddamn, but because the evidence isn't there yet, it ended up getting a lot more attention than it warranted.

It's not very surprising that the demos are constantly trying to push responsibility for the unclear intelligence upwards into the White House. Little-by-little they are gaining ground with the public on this one. It's hard to refute all the accusations, since no WMDs have yet been found.

Notice that Howard Dean has lowered his profile considerably? Is it because he's lost his chops within party central, or have they finally figured out that he's such an easy target for ridicule? More likely, he's gone underground to let the smaller fish in the party ranks take some heat while he works with George Soros, et al, on the big plan.

Why aren't the Republicans seeming to take this seriously? It appears the demos have sidelined Rove with their carefully planted vague allegations about Valerie Plame, the CIA, and the press. Bush's lame response over the last three months to the demo campaign has recently stepped up a bit and even that little bit appears to be helping. It remains to be seen whether or not Murtha will outlast his 15 minutes. But you can be sure that party central has the next incremental "issue" ready to set into action...

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