Friday, December 23, 2005


King Klunk

What a disappointment! After his totally excellent Ring Trilogy, I was expecting a whole lot better from Peter Jackson. I almost fell asleep in the first - kongless - hour. I was even tempted to slip next door at the multiplex when Narnia started. The second hour on Skull Island was pretty good. Z and I both liked the Diplodocus stampede, when Kong fought the T-Rex trio, and when the bugs attacked. The rest was just OK. The last hour (gawd it was a lo-o-o-ong movie), was predictable and not that well done. At least it was a matinee and only cost us $10.

I'd still like to see Chronicles of Narnia, but Z had heard some of the hyping that suggested religious overtones, so he's sort of turned off. Maybe one afternoon next week, if we're bored.

I played and played today. I don't really want to put my cello down, even though my hands ache and my fingers no longer obey. Then the rest of the day, the tunes run in my head. I'm wondering if I should do some workouts in the evenings, too.

I sort of feel like I'm in a hurry to learn. You'd think that since I've got no other real commitments in the day, it shouldn't be a problem to find the time to play. But two and half years of indolence have led to some rather inane rigidities in my daily schedule:

I get up at 5:30 and exercise for half an hour.

After getting Z off on the bus at 6:15 I drink a few cups of coffee, eat, check my email, and watch the news.

At about 7:30 I play my cello - sometimes until 9:30.

The rest of the morning just disappears; I like to watch the news again at 11.

At noon we eat lunch and watch Judge Judy.

Then I listen to World Cafe from 1 to 3.

Z comes home at 3 and takes over on the computer for the rest of the afternoon.

The day sort of gets complicated after that, with dinner, TV, etc.

I'd like to practice in the early afternoon, before Z gets home, but it would be hard to give up World Cafe. That is the best radio going. I try to catch it whenever I can. (It does come on XPN's webradio at 10 in the morning, so maybe I can tune in then, so I can play at 1.)

Traffic in town today was obscene. The parking lots were packed, and the highways jammed. Add to that a warming to 32F, sundown at 4:00, yesterday's partially plowed snowfall, and a lot of sand - it was a muddy mess. Seems like everyone was rushing to do some additional xmas shopping.

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