Saturday, December 10, 2005


My dog is a freak

M expects at least 3 dog biscuits each morning, one from each of us. If we dare forget to deliver them on schedule, she will remind us - slowly crawling onto the rug (supposedly, a forbidden) and right up to our feet. If we still don't respond appropriately, she stares, motionless, until we obey. She's tricky. She'll pretend that Z forgot his quota, and expect me to cover for him. I usually cave in, I can't take "the look".

M owns a 3x5 rug over by the door. She's free to walk around in the kitchen, but she knows she is supposed to spend her inside time on her rug. Laying on the living room carpet is strictly forbidden. She is allowed to cross the carpet going to and from bed and to come in or go out the back door. But stopping on carpet is not allowed, so whenever she crosses it, she hauls-ass head-down in a coyote slink. At night, as soon as the TV is turned off, she gets up and runs downstairs to the utility room and into her cage, which we close on the way to bed. She's slept in this cage since we got her at a year old. I'm not sure what she'd do if we didn't close the door one night, or just took away the cage.

Outside, M is a released spring, buzzing around from place to place, jumping, slip-sliding on the ice. As she slides around her claws skitter as she expertly holds onto her balance. Sometimes she'll turbo around the house and yard. The more we laugh, the faster she runs, and the crazier the path.

She normally spends the day outside, unless it's really cold. If it's raining or snowing she hides out under the motorhome. Otherwise she hangs out at the top of the driveway, watching the road 150 feet away. Anybody who dares to come walking by, or on a bicycle, a 4-wheeler, a snow machine, or a horse will be suitably lashed at with barking, ruffled fur, and her wolf imitations. No doubt they get the message not to mess with her. Unfortunately she occaisonally carries this assertiveness too far and goes out to the road to chase cars. That'll probably be the death of her.

After supper, Z is supposed to fill her bowl (we torture her by keeping her food in a large open crock in the utility room beside her cage). But M won't touch it her supper until I've finished clearing the table and started washing the dishes. She's hoping for scraps. If I even think of throwing away something that might be remotely edible, she growls lowly "to get my attention". Of course, I have to give it to her. Only after the table is cleared and leftovers put away, will she finally start eating. After I'm almost done with the dishes, she methodically vacuums the kitchen; often squatting down and shoving her nose under the cabinet overhang to inhale a morsel.

Of course she barks and runs in her sleep. This seems to happen more and more often lately.

When she wants out, she'll look at us, wag her tail and sometimes stand up and walk around. Then if I look at her, she quickly turns her head away. If I look away, she then looks back at me. Sometimes we keep this going for several rounds.

Maggie knows the words "go away", "sit", "stay" "lie down", "roll over", "doggie biscuit?", "want to go outside?"

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