Saturday, December 24, 2005


No title tonite

I can't think of a title for tonite's blog entry. I don't have that much to say, either. Tomorrow is xmas. Today was foggy and gray, with temps right at freezing. The gray sky and white ground is almost surreal - a near total absence of color outside. We drove to town this afternoon, and the only color was the muddy brown slush on the highway and just a hint of green underneath the recent blanket of snow on the trees. Yuck! I really hate winter!

My new monitor (Dell 24" widescreen LCD) is coming in the mail from Dell. B ordered it for me using his company discount, saving me about $125 over Dell's $900 price on the internet. Dell says they've already shipped it free of charge, via "Ground". Trouble is there's no such thing as Ground shipping to Alaska anymore. We'll see whether they eat the cost of 2nd day air or whether they'll slow ship it via the Post Office.

I've been messaging on the Cello Heaven forum; but there' s not been too much activity maybe once xmas vacation is over things will pick up.

I saw a disturbing "commercial" on PBS this morning. It starts with a small classical ensemble playing some song (I don't know what), then they start playing faster and harder and wilder. Eventually a violin string snaps, a bow starts smoking on another violin, and then the lid crashes shut on the piano. Finally, the cellist stands up grabbing his cello by the neck, raises it over his head and smashes it onto the stage into a pile of splinters. As the audience applauds, a caption appears saying something about living life passionately - or some such lame comment. I was repulsed by it. Fap! I don't see how being passionate about music includes smashing your instrument. I'd expect the opposite, maybe - but I guess that wouldn't get past the censors. Just because the Who did it... while high in order to attract attention to their band, and then it became just another part of their schtick, like Pete Townsend's strumming style.


I spent the past two hours this evening playing again. Something different tonite. I played hard, bowing vigorously, and playing with bowing rhythms. I started getting louder and clearer sounds, and found myself "getting" some of the pieces that I've been struggling with all week! Then, for a while, I started playing with harmonics on the strings, touching the strings lightly with my fingers at different places up and down the strings, sliding them at varying rhythms and varying bowings. Really weird sounds, almost metallic/electronic, at times; at times almost like singing. I found I could just tap the string lightly while bowing to cause it to shift to different harmonic notes. I started finding the points to tap and switch notes. Awesome - I couldn't stop myself.

That was fun!

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