Tuesday, December 27, 2005


An old friend, whom I've always respected a lot, contacted me today

D and I worked for Brand X together in the same field. While I worked at our local salt mine, he worked at Headquarters X in Metropolis. We worked closely together on several projects from the mid 1980s through the late 1990s.

Salt Mine X was highly visible in those days, and we often found ourselves the first target for whatever new regulation or audit system that came along. This meant we had to devise new strategies, break new ground, in trying to deal with these new issues. I usually brought D in as a consultant to not only help figure out what to do, but also how to talk our unwilling bosses into going along with us. This meant a lot of trips to Washington D.C. and L.A. over the years, where we'd get together with our task groups and consultants to plot strategies, exchange ideas, etc. Those were the fun years! Lots of responsibilities, lots of power, lots of stress, lots of successes, and lots of money.

D bailed out of Brand X several years before I did, but we stayed in touch on and off. After I left Brand X/Y, we lost track of each other. I always respected D's opinions and ideas. I've sent him an email to try to reconnect.

I played an hour and a half this morning. On some pieces, I see some progress. On others, it's hard to tell. I can tell when I don't find the right spots on the strings, but I still frequently check the PC tuner/analyzer to be sure.

Today I bought a GripMaster finger exerciser. It should improve my control over my fingers and increase stamina and endurance.

I also picked up an album by bond, a string quartet of really hot chicks who dress hot and play a crossover style of classical pieces set to dance beats. Not great, but interesting. Hopefully some of their other albums are better produced without so much of the hip-hop dance beat.

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