Sunday, December 25, 2005


Z likes his new PSP

Sony sure has an interesting product with their PSP. Wow! Games, movies, TV downloads, music, photos, wi-fi internet browsing! It's only a small step to adding cell-phone, Blackberry, and PDA functions to the PSP to make it a complete portable electronic system. A nice high-quality screen, too.

Anyway, Z really likes it. He has a Nintendo DST, which is also nice, but no movies or MP3 capability. Supposedly, Nintendo has come up with a way to let it use a wi-fi internet connection, too. I wish Sony had not created another size of flash card, since most computers don't recognize it. That means we'd have to buy a flash card burner to store stuff from the PC. I think you can save from the PC to the flash card when it's inserted in the PSP when you use a USB cable.

Z and I bought Y a 128 MB MP3 player so she can download her "walking" music for when she's exercising. She was pretty surprised, after getting all the sewing machine and software already.

Another gray day, no sun. Just cold enough to keep the snow from melting.

I've been looking into Apocalyptica and Rasputina - cutting edge rock groups made up primarily of cellists! There's a lot of excitement about them on the forums. After last night's experimenting with harmonics and sliding up and down the strings, I'm interested in what others are doing outside of traditional classical music with the cello. I've got several CD's on my Amazon WishList. I'm trying to get up the nerve to buy them. I found a Russian site and downloaded a lot of the sheet music from Apocalpytica's tunes.

I played two hours this afternoon, in my bedroom because Z was assembling his new monster Lego set in the living room. It sounded pretty good in that room. I worked the drills for most of the time. I'm getting better and better. For a little while at the end, I played the harmonics again. I'm able to find where to touch the string for the whole scale, and get an eerie - almost flute-like sound. If I slide my finger fast enough, I can get a pennywhistle effect. Another effect sounds sort of sexy.

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. - Leo Tolstoy.

Why do Asian blog have so many pictures of prepared meals? and people eating?

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