Friday, January 06, 2006



One of my Apocolyptica albums arrived today along with two Rasputina albums. I'm currently listening to Apocalyptica's Reflections! NICE! I can see why cellists are so enthused.

Found a new online radio (recommended on the Cellists by Night forum), called that streams all varieties of music. Unfortunately it doesn't work with Firefox or Mozilla yet, but I am playing it through IE (ugh). What's nice is you can fine-tune which genre you want to listen to or open it up to a wider grouping. I spent the afternoon listening to their cello set.

I finally got most of my computer hassles sorted out today. It seems the !@##$%%^ Norton Firewall was the culprit. Why can't Norton pop up and suggest that it was preventing the network setup program from running, and then suggest a way to fix things? Instead it took an hour of trying this and trying that until something clicked from when I ran into this while hooking up the desktop, and I got suspicious about Norton. Peter Norton was one of the early innovators in the 80s, and I hope he's rich now, but I sure wish his successor, Symantec would do a better job of humanizing their interface. They assume the novice buyer is well versed in their product-specific jargon, yet their help system is way too generic to be of any use. Anyway I did get it working, so now I can get into my desktop files and fotos.

Much later:
About an hour ago, I put on the new Apocalyptica album and immediately got lost in it. I really like this one, although in a few parts, I sort of wished the bass was downplayed just a bit. I know that is part of the draw to the heavy metal listeners, but I'm not there yet. This one is a top notch 5 star winner!

So, now I'm all set. I started wearing sweatpants yesterday because the waist in my jeans was pinching a nerve in my groin, causing jabs when I bent down. Switching to sweats has greatly reduced that problem, which should let the groin pull heal itself. It took me a while to remember where I got it - from snow-shoveling back on the 20th. What that means is I've devolved one more notch from the previous life. I guess I'll still have to wear jeans to work outside or go to town, but only then.

Now, my sweatpant clad fat ass is parked in my Lazyboy, feet up on my footstool, my new laptop sitting in my lap, headphones on with a CD in the drive, surfing the internet. This is the life! Harrumph!

I was going to spend time with this blog taking on big issues, ranting about things that torque me, etc. So far, I haven't done so much of that.

The real reason I started this blog was to document my cello learning: Today was another tough day. I couldn't get it right, but finally I quit worrying and played for 1:45, including some open string bowing. I struggled through some old pieces but I did start sounding out a few new ones. I need to set aside a few hours one evening and play without the books or my glasses, or even any lights on...

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