Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Cello Dreams

Tonite, I'm composing on my new laptop. Its origin is a long story (described in bits and pieces in previous posts), but in short, since I started this blog when I began learning the cello on November 28, I've monopolized Y's laptop in the evenings (Z monopolizes the desktop as soon as he gets home from school.) She originally suggested using her computer, even encouraged it for a while, but it was not long before I started to hear little hints about feeling disconnected, etc. Since that didn't work, she recently began to complain a lot more openly.

So we used a "rebate" gift card that came with her new sewing machine (along with a little cash) to buy this unit. It's a middle of the road system, but functional for what I need at night. The desktop is only 7 months old, and is quite a powerhouse, which I use for AutoCAD, etc. during the day. This laptop does has a light-scribe to burn designs onto CDs and DVDs, which is an option I didn't take for the desktop.

I played my cello today for two hours. Not quite as confidently as yesterday, for whatever reason, but I pushed on, and then for the last half hour I worked on fingering workouts. Whenever I do these, I get re-centered and I feel like I've recovered my skills again.

I dream about my cello. I don't dream that I'm a concert cellist or anything like that; it's more like I'm just making music in these dreams (maybe I sometimes get to dream about things like the picture above - although I unfortunately don't remember these dreams - just as well, I guess). Sometimes dreams in general leave me slightly down or disappointed or lost (like when I dream about my father), but the cello dreams leave me feeling peaceful, relaxed, and enervated. I get up anxious to start playing. Maybe that's the connection: whenever I have a cello dream I play better the next morning?

I've got several days' work ahead of me, to get this computer loaded with all the appropriate settings and software.

I haven't forgotten the ongoing discussion about my late starting spanish lessons. Maybe that's why I felt I could pick up the cello at age 55!

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