Sunday, January 29, 2006



My cello teacher gave me lots of homework. This morning I began trying to work it all into my techniques. I setup in front of a mirror in the bedroom so I could watch my posture, etc. It helped.

Holding the bow - Flatten my hand so it is in line with my wrist and forearm, this changes which muscles in the fingers do the controlling – this will take some work.

Drawing the bow – Work, at first, near the center of the bow and use my elbow joint to draw out the bow to the end. Keep the bow level and draw it across the middle “lane”.

Relax both shoulders!

Left hand fingering – Make sure the second finger falls on the string along with the third (I'd been holding it up). That wasn't too hard to switch over to.

Left arm position – Hold the forearm up and out.

Left thumb – Keep the thumb straight, using the side of the thumb against the back of the neck. Hold the thumb behind the second finger (I’d been holding it a bit higher). Keep the thumb loose and relaxed. S suggested I could put a piece of tape or something on the neck to help my thumb find its home base.

The cello sounded whiney and screechy today. It’s been very dry… I did play around with tuning using the fifths, but I wasn’t successful with the harmonics.

I bought a stool today – a typical four legged flat round top, but with an interesting twist – the top is split in half with a bearing between the layers, so the top layer swivels. When I got home, I cut four or five inches off of each leg. Now I have a 20” cello stool, which fits neatly under the computer desk. When I sit at it, my hips are about an inch higher than my knees.

Z’s best friend stayed over last night. He’s a good kid, very open and friendly. We love to watch them together. Those two were up until 3 am on the computer, the X-Box, the PS2, the PSP, the DSL, the Nintendo GameCube, and of course the TV. They slept till after 11 this morning. Those two sure have fun together. They’ve always been best friends since the second grade. So good, that until recently they never even argued or had disagreements. We couldn’t help but shake our heads watching them interact through the years. Now, though, they’ve both started to mature, and are changing in different ways, so they aren’t quite as close as they used to be. They are still best friends.

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