Sunday, January 01, 2006


Lazy Day

I loafed today.

Spent the morning working on my Basic Cello Fingering drawings in AutoCAD. I really like working with AutoCAD; too bad I don't really have any practical, useful applications. In my next life, I want to be a contractor doing AutoCAD, only with my sorry ass parked in front of my own computer in my own living room.

I think I'll upload the fingering charts to my webpage and then post it to the cello forum for newbies. I'm going to include all the formal fingering positions, plus frequencies and the equivalent notes on the staff.

This afternoon, I set up my cello in my bedroom again and ran through the first book and then some random fingerings. My left hand performed better today - in part, I guess, from working on the drawings. It sounded better, too. After last night's workout with the bow, my right arm was tired, but I was able to get back some of last night's rhythms and pacing. That's fun, especially when I get the bow to start dancing back and forth between the strings, then drop in a discordant note or two for a few rounds, and slowly ease back into the original rhythm and chord variations. I feel like I can only play this way by playing fast - very fast; which doesn't make sense. But if I had to actually think about each note, I'd probably make more mistakes.

By starting the bow just a little slow then speeding it up halfway through a note, I can make a more plaintive sound come out. Although I played the violin for a short period a long time ago, I never got this far with bowing.

Playing music again has reinvigorated my appreciation of music - especially any instrumentation in the lower ranges. I listened to Yo-Yo Ma playing Bach's 6 Suites again today; each time I hear it, I'm more impressed. Later, while driving to town, the cool new radio station KWVK 89.7, was playing bluegrass. I started distinguishing the individual notes from the fiddles, and even some of the bowing technique!

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