Monday, January 23, 2006


My battery was frozen

[This has nothing whatsoever to do with my post tonite, but it looks so cool! I’d really like to see it up close, if I didn’t have to fly all the way to KL, Malaysia, first. I’d also like to see the new, tallest tower in Taipei – when I was there several years ago, it was still under construction.]

I haven't driven the Suburban for a month - since it last snowed enough to have to plow the driveway. Since it snowed again yesterday, I went to startup the old beast, but it wouldn't even groan. One look at the bulging end-walls on the battery told me it was frozen. The only way for that to happen is for it to discharge, first. I sure wish I knew how to find that short to ground. So, I brought the battery inside in hopes that it will thaw without bursting. If I'm lucky, I'll try to recharge it. If not, I'll have to buy another. The last time I used it, it had been idle for almost three weeks, but it was much warmer too. Lazy me, all I have to do is take the battery out after I’m finished plowing each time and store it in the garage. But for whatever reason, I didn't. Now I'm probably going to be out $60 or more for a new one.

We’ve got too d…n many cars. For two drivers, we have four vehicles and a motorhome. The Excursion is primarily for winter use and long trips. The Saturn is for town trips in the non-winter season, and for towing behind the motorhome. The Suburban has a plow, which is supposedly meant to be used in the winter. In the summer, we haul our bikes around in it, but we don’t use it for much else. Finally, my SVX: it’s too fine a car to sell, fun to drive, and really surefooted on the ice. But it has recently developed a small leak in the heater core, >$500 to fix. It also has a leaking front left tire. I haven’t driven it or the Saturn in more than a month. Tomorrow, though, I’m going to get them all running. The SVX and Suburban are both 14 years old and not worth selling, but it is getting to be a pain keeping them in good running condition. Z won’t be driving for at least 3 1/2 years. I’m hoping the Saturn will still be in good enough condition for him to use, but I wonder if the old Suburban would still be working…

Turns out that after my ranting last nite about WestWing’s totally leftward tilt and banal, listless plots, NBC decided to cancel it! They actually listened! Look out CBS and ABC! When they do come up with a good idea, they quickly kill it off – like Arrested Development.

I ran through the same cello pieces out of Suzuki for two hours this morning. I’m not wearing out as soon as I had been, even though I am now bowing a lot more intensely. I’m still working to improve accuracy, speed, and making a beautiful sound. I’m also playing all of the pieces in the keys of D Major, G Major, and C Major, which helps me learn the relationships between the sounds as well as memorize the fingerings. I am playing most of the time from memory, now.

I still heard that richer sound when I did get the notes right. John Holt talked about a type of neural feedback – where your ear hears if a note isn’t exactly right and then instructs your fingers where to go to get it right the next time. Once your ear is able to start telling if each note is right or wrong, your fingers will soon learn hit the notes accurately every time. This happens behind the scenes, without the overt involvement of the brain’s controller function.

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