Thursday, January 05, 2006


New computers are such a pain to setup

I love the cello.

Apparently these are computer graphic images, not real photos. Very impressive.

I've been struggling with all the "little" things that always seem to come up when I buy a new computer and try to set up the network and hook up to the internet.

Today, I bought a small Belkin wireless mouse with a small flash-stick sized receiver that plugs into a USB port. When I hooked it up per the specifications, it didn't work. I went over all the settings and tried all the setup wizards, with no luck. Windows is supposed to do a plug-n-play install, including a search for drivers, but it didn't. Finally I found a submenu where I was able to tell it to go online and look for an updated driver, and found a Samsung (Samsung = Belkin?) driver, which fixed the problem as soon as it finished installing.

Then the computer would not connect to the wireless network - the little popup window found the network, but it said I was disconnected. The only option it offered was to disconnnect from that disconnected network! So, I clicked yes, and it disconnected. Then it offered the option to reconnect, and I was in.

Last night it connnected to the internal network without any problems and I was able to see files on other computers, etc. Tonite, for no good reason, the network won't allow me to open folders on other computers, nor does it let other computers look into this one; this all worked yesterday, so why not today? I've given up for tonite on this one.

I still can't get Mozilla's Thunderbird email program to work right. It receives emails from my primary server like it should, but it won't let me send any outgoing mails. Later on that one too.

Today was a difficult day with the cello. For the first fifteen minutes it was OK, but then I lost it. I started squeaking and screeching and I couldn't hit the notes. Finally, I stopped the lesson book and turned to the finger workout book for 45 minutes. That loosened things up and I went to the other lesson book. It worked, and I played OK again for another 30 minutes. Still, not one of my most memorable days.

I don't ever expect to play in a symphony. I'd be happy just to get good enough to maybe one day step onto the stage at an open mike night at a local cafe. I don't see myself ever playing in an amateur chamber orchestra. I really just want to please myself, and be able to play a few pieces well in front of other people. It's not that the world needs another cellist. It what it does for me.

What an amazing trip this is being!

I just ran across a tip suggesting that when I bog down like I did this morning, I should put aside all the books, close my eyes and try to play some tunes from the past that have stayed in my mind - e.g. "Hey Jude". It also suggests varying the tempo, dynamics, rhythm and bowings of the scales. I'd started doing that already, but it's nice to see it validated by someone else.

mas por la manana

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