Tuesday, January 10, 2006


The Shield is back!

Vic Mackey is one of the most interesting cops on TV in a long, long time. Not since Sipowicz have we seen such a flawed hero - with cold blooded murder, drug dealing, theft, bribery, and general corruption to his name, it is hard to understand why we like him. Every season, someone seems to decide they want to take him down, and every season he narrowly skates by.

Signed all the papers today to sell the property in Hawaii. It's supposed to close by the end of the month.

I just finished "War Trash" by Han Jin. It wasn't too bad, an interesting narrative about the Korean War from a Chinese POW's point of view. I'd run across a recommendation for it, during a search for fictional memoirs (after really enjoying "It's All Right Now" by Chester Chadwick and "Any Human Heart" by William Boyd). It wasn't up to their level.

I've been reading the International Cello Society forums, even though I sometimes get so intimidated that I have to log off. They talk about such esoteric things that are way beyond me. But, I guess I shouldn't complain: I've only been doing this for six weeks, and I have progressed miles from where I was when I started. Let's see where I am in six months... Another thing that I read over and over again on the cello forum is that you need to use a teacher (a cellist who teaches himself has a fool for a student). That's what kick-started me to contact a local teacher.

I got two hours of good solid practice today. Better endurance. I was hitting the right notes more often. I'm still focusing on the All For Strings book, but not adding anything new. I want to get these sections perfect before I move on. Especially with my upcoming lesson. I want to show my new teacher that I've at least accomplished something. I'm focusing, too, on bowing - both the proper hold as well as using the full bow.

I found this interesting blog by Eric Edberg, a cellist who teaches at DePauw U. Even though it, too, is quite over my head, the comfortable first person narrative is easy to read and respond to.

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