Sunday, February 05, 2006


Boredom Bowl

Another boring game! Seems like every time I do bother to waste my afternoon watching the darn thing, it turns out dull. When I don’t watch, I find out later it was pretty good. One time I tuned in for the last ten minutes and saw the best football in years.

We’re still suffering through gray skies with light snow flurries. The days are getting noticeably longer but all that leads to is more gray.

I put in two full hours of cello playing today, and it went really good! I seemed to hit the right notes and made some nice sounds. I found myself doing most of my posture fixes more often than not. I am still having trouble with my bow hold. At times the bow seems to fit properly in my hand, but then after a bit, I’ll notice my hand is wrong again. Sometimes I can get it back, but sometimes it’s more of a struggle. Also, my thumb doesn’t seem to know where to go. My left arm, hand and fingers seemed to work better today; besides holding the right postures they seemed to find the right notes more often than not.

The music sounded better, cleaner and more like Suzuki’s CD. I made far fewer errors. I just hope I can play that way at my next lesson. After thoroughly working Suzuki, I went into the All for Strings for a while.

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