Thursday, February 16, 2006


Cello add-ons

I called the luthier shop again today to add a few more things to my order. I realized that I ought to have a backup bow. I'd already ordered a $225 bow; but at some point in the future I'm going to need to have it rehaired. So I ordered their basic $65 brazilwood bow for the backup. I'll probably use it just enough to keep it "alive". Then, I asked about a backup bridge, in case something went wrong with the one installed. J said he'd talk to the luthier about whether it ought to be a higher or lower bridge than the other one (apparently the cello case can swell - increasing its thickness - in damper weather, so people sometimes change to a shorter bridge on to lower the strings toward the fingerboard). The backup bridge costs $130. Finally, I asked if the endpin would be carbon fiber or metal. He asked which I wanted - I said carbon. Now I'm right up to $6,000.

Today we signed the papers for the 9 acre lot on Tustumena Lake Road! We close next week. Then I called the roadbuilding contractor who had done some work for us fifteen years ago about putting in a driveway and pad. He immediately remembered us, and it turns out he also had put in the subdivision road a few years back. I told him what we were after - a driveway and parking pad for our MH. I also told him we needed a new cap on our driveway at the house, and some stumps pulled. He said he'd put us on his list for just after breakup.

I continued working on my three new Suzuki pieces today. I've got the first one pretty much figured out and the A part of the second one more or less; and I worked through the first line from the third one. I also carefully listened to the CD versions. I'd sure like to be able to play the first two of these halfway decently with my teacher at my next lesson on the 27th - ON MY NEW CELLO! I'm not sure it will be here in time, unfortunately.

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