Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Even Bill OReilly took on Jimmy over his inconsiderate remarks

A day has passed, but my distaste for that whole fiasco lingers.

I read some blogs that snidely suggested that the people who are complaining about the islamic reaction to the Danish cartoons are the same people who complained about Newsweek publishing its article about the Koran being flushed in a toilet at Gitmo. As if there was some sort of contradiction, here. On the one hand a bunch of mullahs are whipping up mobs of hatred and violence against the west because of some cartoon depictions of their prophet - on the other hand a major news magazine printed a false article based on an unsubstantiated anonymous source, which provoked a violent reaction. Is it wrong to think Newsweek should have expected the reaction that ensued and should have gone out of its way to substantiate those allegations before printing them? It’s not that Newsweek should not have published the article out of respect for the sensitivities of the islamic world, they shouldn’t have published the article because it was flat-out wrong!

It’s fun watching the leftist media squirm around on this one. This issue pits the rights of free press and free speech against their PC “sensitivities” for the “feelings” of other religious points of view. These same newspapers went out of their way to publish and publicize negative, anti-christian “art” and depictions, hiding behind the above rights and claiming that christians should be more open to other points of view. You can’t have it both ways; either all religions should be willing to accept other points of view or we should all avoid offending other religions with our own points of view. Well al-NYT, what do you have to say?

It's amazing how they can take such a small issue and blow it out of proportion so badly that people are willing to die in protest! We in the west will never understand that people would do that upon command. We're going to have to prepare to take them on, when they do make their move, but we're years late in getting serious about this. The US will hurt the most because we are so dependent on their oil. We don't have any alternative energy sources, and only a handful of aging nuke plants. Europe and Asia are building nuke plants left and right. I'll bet they'd survive the oil wars better than we would.

This muscle flexing by the mullahs, showing that they can regularly whip up these kinds of mobs on a moment’s notice, should make the western world wake up to the fact that the people of the middle east, who are so afraid to think and act for themselves, appear to be willing gladly follow their leaders into hell if they are told to.

Syria – Iran – Lebanon/Hezbollah – Hamas – Al Queda

While Iran is working the nuclear weapons angle, Syria is quietly (more or less) preparing on several other fronts. Sadamn secretly sent all his WMDs and military supplies into Syria in the year or so leading up to our invasion. So Syria is quite well armed. Israel should take note. Of course all the pundits say that those two countries were bitter enemies so that just wouldn’t have happened. But the one thing that united them more than any inter-faith squabble divided them was their rabid hatred for the west and for Israel. There should be no doubt that these two made amends at some point along the way. What did either of them have to lose?

The same can be said for Iran working with al-Queda (and for Sadamn having worked with them). The pundits say they are bitter enemies who would never trust each other. But their common enemy (the west) is far more important right now than any trivial religous differences.

Now Syria is actively supporting the terrorist elements in Iraq – out of the chaos, they expect to grab as much of the Sunni areas as they can. I'll bet they go after the Kurdish territory first. Iran will be busy scrambling after as much of the Shiite and oil-rich areas they can grab onto.

For a while this past year Syria did earn an international black eye over the assassination in Lebanon last fall. An it almost looked like they’d actually be called to account. But that seems to have passed by. And look at the result: Lebanon’s anti-Syrian element is powerless. Syria has Hezbollah running half of Lebanon and Hamas running Palestine, which puts Israel on the defensive on three separate fronts. The King of Jordan should be very worried about an assassination attempt. Once you add a radicalized Jordan to the al-Queda – Iran – Syria – Lebanon/Hezbollah – Hamas axis of evil, a four-fronted invasion of Israel is only a matter of time.

Iraq is the lynch pin. If we back down, if we don’t find a way to win over the general populace, if we leave too early without fixing it, Iraq will crumble into chaos and WWIII will begin. If we do bail out of Iraq before they are ready, history will probably eventually establish the start of WWIII at the point in 2003 when the US invaded Iraq.

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