Monday, February 27, 2006


I bailed on my lesson

It started snowing when we got up and kept snowing steadily all morning. I would have had to leave at 11:30 for my 1:30 lesson to account for the snow. I decided I really didn't want to drive that far in another snowstorm, so I called my teacher and cancelled (with profuse apologies). She wasn't surprised, saying she wouldn't want to go out in this and that it was still snowing heavily there and the wind was blowing - a complete whiteout.

I asked if we could reschedule later this week, and she said she'd call me back later once she sorted out Saturday's schedule. She mentioned she had tried two Andreas Eastman 405 cellos in Anchorage last week, but really didn't care for either of them. I told her I had ordered a Jay-Haide cello from the strings store in California and it should be here in time for Saturday's lesson.

So, instead of going to my lesson, I spent the day plowing and shoveling. After all, we ended up with only 5 inches, and of course it stopped snowing right after I cancelled. Of course I would have still had to follow the snowplows most of the way and still might not have made it in two hours.

Yesterday, I sent an email complaining to the Cello Heaven forum's webmaster about spam that had shown up on almost every board on the forum, begging for someone to clean it up. I got an email back today setting me up as an Administrator on the Board. That lets me remove messages, censor posts, ban people, etc. Power! I cleaned up the spam... Now I feel some responsibility to try to keep the forum alive.

I only played an hour and a half today, but it was a good workout. I took the sleeve off the A string point on the bridge. The pressure of the wide sleeve had "cleaned" up the notch in the bridge and the A string sounded much better - brighter, with no buzzing, or shrill noises (a cleaner sound). I am keeping my left forearm elevated most of the time, and I seem to have found a comfortable bow-hold based on the pictures I printed out.

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