Monday, February 20, 2006


Ice Dancing

I really love the ice dancing part of the Olympics. I sure hate the commentators though, and wish they could be muzzled during the performances. Thay can say whatever they want before and after, but they should keep their opinions to themselves during... If we could turn off their voices and still hear the music, I would...

I had a good solid cello session today, breezing through all the first part's routines with little trouble. I even worked through the first piece in the newest set, Rigadoon, with only a little effort. Also the Etude. I worked a long time on the hooked bowing for the Happy Farmer - and I think I finally got it. I still need to smooth it into the rest of the piece, but I got a better feel for it. I even got through the first half of the Bach Minuet No. 2. I still can't believe I'm playing Bach already! My teacher told me to only play it pizzicato, for now, but I couldn't wait.

I've been hearing some buzzing from the lower strings, and couldn't find the cause, so today, after playing, I took a magnifying glass and examined all the strings and the tailpiece. Finally, I found a plastic strip that fits into a small channel running across the top of the tailpiece that was loose at one end. I tried pushing it into the groove, but it wouldn't stay put - it needs glued. I can't figure out what purpose it serves, but ... Maybe I'll call the violin store tomorrow, although I'm pretty sure he won't let me glue it down, or pull it out... But the buzzing sure is annoying.

I've been hitting a lot of "landmarks", where the tones just sound great! with lots of resonance and timber. Not every note, and unfortunately not every time, but when they come they sure sound nice! I didn't even look at my fingerboard today. My left hand just knew where to go (most of the time). My left arm position and bow hold are continuing to improve. My right arm and elbow still need a lot of work.

Cartoon Violence
I don't like violence in cartoons, either. Seems like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck have just been beaten, shot, blown up, dropped, and generally slaughtered far too many times.

What if the Americans formed mobs and burned a bunch of arab embassies and flags, and stuff; for whatever contrived reason - such as al Jazeera's incessant cartoon-like coverage depicting Americans doing all sorts of vile things? I can't figure out why our lefties don't get upset at their total lack of any tolerance. Then they all put on those s...t-eating grins when algore goes to arabia and provokes more anti-US hatred. That idiot doesn't realize that the arabians don't distinguish him from the rest of us (we all look alike to them). What a bunch of morons!

WWIII is slowly creeping up on us and the lefties don't have a clue.

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