Sunday, February 12, 2006


My Morning Jacket

Wow! I'd heard of them, and had appreciated a few songs on XPN's World Cafe, but after seeing the second half (only - unfortunately) of their Austin City Limits show, I'm now a major fan. I like their style; their experimentation - in a Jim Morrison/Doors sort of way; their willingness to play it way down and easy as well as flat out smoking. Jim James is really has a good voice. He puts so much into it, I wonder how it can last.

I tend to zone out when the Olys are on. I like winter games better than the summer ones. Especially ice skating. I like how several of the musical pieces used by the skaters feature cellos.

Today, after my normal routine on the cello, I went back to my four new pieces. I'd like to see them in print to check out one or two areas that just don't feel right yet. After dinner I went back to the cello. I turned out all the lights and sat in the dark to play. I started by bowing slowly, evenly, just the open strings; then the scales. Then I played doublets and quadruplets at varying rhythms and tempos up and down the scales. Then triplets on the scales and a few arpeggios on different keys. I also played a bit with harmonics. Finally, I played my new tunes out in several different keys and tempos - Amazing Grace, really slowly and passionately. That was exhilarating! I never get tired of hearing it. Every time I hear it I feel like my chest is glowing from the inside. It's also one of the few songs I can sing in tune.

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