Tuesday, February 28, 2006


The tailpiece on my rented cello has a thin strip of

ebony-like wood on the face near the top. I think it normally acts as a "nut" for the lower ends of the strings to ride on, if you don't have fine tuners. I do have fine tuners, so it's just a decoration. One end was loose, which made me think it was the reason for the buzzing sound on certain notes - primarily B on the G string. I tried to push it back in, but it wouldn't stay. So genius gets his pliers and tries to force the lifted end of the piece down into the slot. Of course it broke. So then I tried to pull the whole thing out of the slot, and it broke again, and I finally broke off a third piece - this time with a few extra splinters. Fortunately, the breaks were along the grain, so with my magnifiers, dental tools, and tweezers I carefully glued all the pieces back together. I had to sand it a little, but eventually, it ended up looking more or less OK. I crammed it back into the slot. It still doesn't fit right, but hey, my new cello is supposed to arrive tomorrow! If all goes well, I will only play this cello one more time! And unless you put on magnifiers, you can't tell....

My new cello has traveled from Berkely to Oakland, and on to Knoxville, and is now on a plane to Anchorage. I assume it will arrive there tonight and be flown down to Kenai tomorrow morning - hopefully in time to get on the one delivery truck of the day. The problem is the truck makes a run all the way to Homer before making deliveries in Kasilof, so my poor cello will have to ride all over the peninsula in the back of a cold truck before it gets delivered. I tried to call them to see if I could pick it up at their office in Kenai in the morning, but they don't publish their phone number. I called the UPS store in town to see if they'd at least relay a message - they wouldn't... The best I could do was get the tracking number and follow it all day on the internet.

I went through the bulletin board thread-by-thread and deleted about ten postings in addition to the ten or so from yesterday. Now the problem is getting people to use it. It's up to 330 members - it only had 180 in December - so it appears to be growing steadily, but hardly anyone is posting...

The cat and the dog have been fighting. Shadow arches and hisses whenever she gets close to the dog. Until today, Maggie would back down, but this morning it was different. Maggie has been actively seeking out the cat, not attacking but tempting the cat to attack her. I don't think any skin has been pierced, but there have been a few battings in both directions. The cat has been very aggressive, running up to Maggie with her back arched, ears back, and crab walking (more like crab dancing) up to the dog hissing and spitting, and then running away. Maggie is being quite patient, but I'm a little worried that she might bite the cat's head off. In a way, the cat seems to be playing... she LOOKS like she wants to make friends, but now Maggie seems more primed for a fight than she's been until now. It's a drama that has to play itself out to the end. We can't stop it and we can't really determine the outcome. Either Maggie will kill the cat or they'll end up being friends.

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