Sunday, February 26, 2006



I just can't think of a catchy title tonight.

I played in three sessions today, breaking for lunch after the first hour and again after 45 more minutes when my brother stopped by, then a final 45 minute session later this afternoon. I've been spending a lot of time redoing the early pieces - in different orders every day. I'm trying to get each one "perfect", which means I'm paying more attention to how it actually sounds - not just that I can get through it hitting all the right notes, in good rhythm and tempo. For the first two sessions the cello sounded pretty good, but by the third one it seemed off. I didn't have my tuning setup with me, so I couldn't check it, but I think the D string had shifted off a bit. I have not been able to comfortably tune the D, G and C strings off the A.

My bow hold was better today, using some pictures I found on the internet.

Tomorrow I have my fourth lesson. Tomorrow, also, my new cello is being shipped! It should be here Wednesday or Thursday...

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