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Kristen Bell, aka Veronica Mars, is so fine! I really like how tough she is, as well as hot. I first saw her several years ago when she played a con artist in Deadwood and ended up dead. Unlike the other hotties of the high school drama genre, she isn’t an ethereal beauty queen like, say Mischa Barton, instead she’s cute, smart, savvy, and hot.

It was funny watching the after-action whining about Bush’s speech last nite. The demos are clearly being outplayed on all fronts. The best they could do is to try to setup Sheehan with another of her pathetic protests. That and their absurd applause for having killed off Bush’s Social Security plan last year (they never offered up anything realistic themselves.) There were a few Hillarious moments, (such as the above picture). She always looks like she’s sucking on a sour lemon drop.

The thing I like best about Bush is that he says what he means and means what he says. And then he goes ahead and does it. He’s direct and plain spoken, with none of the Washington insider’s poli-speak, and no weasling around to avoid being held accountable. Bush knows he will be held to account by history in spite of the liberal media groups’ devoting countless hours attempting to redefine him in their own twisted way before he’s done what he said he’s going to do.

Unlike a lot of his predecessors in that office, Bush clearly understands his role on the world stage and what he has to do (Ford, Carter and Clinton are good examples of presidents who never had a clue as to why they were there.) LBJ (at first) and Reagan also had a serious sense of purpose. LBJ ultimately fizzled out before his time was up, because he was too much of a politician (and because of Viet Nam). Reagan succeeded because he never really was a politician (in the Washington-insider mold) at all. Bush, like his father and Clinton, obviously had to have the political savvy to get there in the first place, but unlike these two predecessors, he had to step up and become a real leader after the “random external event” of the 9-11 bombings. Only a few other presidents were called on by history to be a true leader, for example Lincoln and Roosevelt. After 9-11 Bush set aside most of his politics and acted out of conviction, a sense of purpose, and a sense of responsibility rather than looking to the polls and focus groups to guide his every move.

I am amazed at the rabid hatred of Bush and his point of view. When Bush squeaked ahead of Gore in 2000, you could understand the disappointment and resentment. But ever since, it has gotten worse. It’s almost as if the demos believed Bush should maybe have appointed Gore as co-president? Then the best they could come up with to challenge him was John Kerry? He’s nothing more than a gaunt Ted Kennedy. When I watched the camera cutaways last night, it seemed as if John Kerry was constantly whispering to Diane Feinstein; “I should have been up there, not him”. Come on, just get over it!

The demos are constantly trying to gin up any issue they can find, but they frequently wind up in the loser’s side – look at the screams of indignation about bugging phones of suspected terrorists. Most Americans are glad they’re looking. Aren’t these the same complainers who last year were howling that Bush and his government didn’t catch the 9-11 terrorists before they acted. Now that it’s obvious he is actively trying to stop the terrorists in their tracks, they scream that their civil rights are being violated. What a bunch of hypocrites.

I played the cello two hours again today. It seems as if my quality has slipped a bit, because I'm focusing so hard on the various posture issues. But as those improve, the quality is sure to go up. I found a few unusual bowing rhythms today.

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