Monday, February 06, 2006



I don’t get it. The mullahs are outraged that a European newspaper published some political cartoons that criticized the Islamic terrorists – mostly because they caricatured Mohammed. For this the Islamic fanatics have turned out into the streets, burning embassies, and calling for the death of the cartoonist(s?) who drew them. Yet, in their world vision, it’s perfectly OK for some thin-mustached idiot to put on a bomb belt and walk into a crowd to blow up innocent civilians, even kids, without a single word of condemnation from these same mullahs. It’s OK for the fanatical handlers of these idiots to cut off the heads of innocent people to make a political statement. It’s OK for the Arab press to constantly publish equally offensive cartoons against Israel, Jews, Jesus, and Christianity. It’s OK for the Iranians to send their 6 and 7 year old children out into the minefields in front of their troops during their 1980 war with Iraq. What a bunch of hypocrites!

I’m beginning to think that we are heading toward an all out war with the Islamic fanatics, that will eventually envelop the whole world – World War III. This time, they’ll have and use nukes – for that reason, I think Israel is doomed, also any Arab government that doesn’t buy into the terrorists’ cause. At first, we’ll see the same type of appeasements from the leftists, liberals, and Europeans that happened in the 1930s, in spite of clear evidence of Hitler’s intentions. We’ll see Russia and China stand to one side and criticize any action by the west (while they are egging on the terrorists from behind the scenes), although both of these countries should have much to fear from an inflamed Islamic populace.

The trouble is, the appeasers will dominate for many years to come, until it’s too late. Every action by the west will be diminished and downsized to satisfy the appeasers. I think the powers in Iran have a grand vision with it all carefully laid out. Each step in their plan is carefully designed to be just less than total provocation, and they’ll sit back and laugh while we fight amongst ourselves in trying to formulate a credible response (using committees, no less!) After Iraq, it is extremely unlikely that the US would take unilateral action against Iran. The US will turn to the UN, which has never taken a unified stance on anything in its 60-year history. (The response in Korea in 1950 only happened because the USSR stormed out of a meeting and the key vote was taken in their absence. That won’t happen again.) To get the UN to act this time, we’d have to get Syria, Libya, Venezuela, etc., not to mention Russia and China to agree.

So, while we debate and discuss and fight amongst ourselves over a response to each provocation, Iran will be preparing its next just-less-than-provocative step. And the process will start all over again, and again. Until it’s too late. Once Iran has a supply of nukes, it won’t be so easy to stop them, not with all of Europe within its reach.

History shows that civilized peoples have never been willing to accept the idea that uncivilized mauraders are capable of destroying their way of life. The biggest flaw in our whole concept of civilization is our assumption that everybody else is equally civilized, too, and just as peace-loving at heart. Yet look at recent history – Stalin, Hitler, Tojo, Mao, Kim Il Sung, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Saddamn, Milosovich, now Ahmenijad and Usama, along with a host of nameless African dictators that have callously thrown their own peoples into the fires of battle to try to achieve their own megalomanic visions of running the world. Not a one of these monsters cared one bit about their own peace loving peoples nor about any of the other populations they slaughtered along the way.

We just can’t accept that civilized peoples would tolerate that kind of leadership, much worse allow themselves to be led by these tyrannical despots into suicidal wars against the rest of the world. Yet the proud parents of Iran willingly gave up their children to act as human mine sweepers, and continue to support that government to this day. Amazingly, the far left has the bizarre idea that we (the US) don’t even have the right to tell Iran it can’t have nukes!

Watch carefully as Iran takes one incremental baby step after another. Each time they’ll promise cooperation while they drag out the negotiations with unreasonable demands in order to buy time (and make fools of their adversaries) while they actively pursue their own evil ends. Also, each time, more lying and deceiving about their compliance with the weakened obligations resulting from those negotiations. And when they are caught redhanded (just like N. Korea was caught in one blatant lie after another – after assuring Billy-Bob Clinton and Madeline Albright that they really would behave), they become more defiant and boast about having pulled one over on the west. Then the next round of negotiations starts and slowly drags out to its inevitable failed compromises, while they proceed onward with their plans. Not one of us will have the courage to step up and insist they stop – an insistence that would have to be backed up by some sort of decisive and powerful response.

Instead we’re going to try to deal with Iran like “civilized people”: Negotiate. Assume they don’t want war. Appeal to the good in them. Fight amongst ourselves. Make speeches. Appease. This should give them all the time they need to finish their preparations, and it will make it that much more difficult and costly to stop them when we finally do wake up to the need to take action. Imagine if the civilized world had recognized the evil in Hitler and taken decisive action before he invaded Poland in 1939! How many millions of lives would have been saved.

Unlike Pol Pot, or Kim Il Sung, or Idi Amin, or even Milosovitch, who mostly decimated their own populations and maybe a few of their neighbors, Iran in its unholy alliance with Syria and Usama, intends to take on the whole world.

Suddenly, without warning, it was 40+ degrees today and windy, but the sun was out. It rained quite a bit overnight on top of the snow, but the warm winds melted quite a bit of the remaining snow. I got the deck shoveled and the soggy snow plowed from the driveway before it all turned to slush, and by evening the deck was even dry. Usually these spring-like episodes usually last only a day or so this early in the year, but it sure was a welcome sight today. Whoohoo!

A good workout with my cello again today. I’m still struggling with the bow hold, but I think I’m getting it.

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