Tuesday, March 07, 2006


100 Posts!

That means I've played my cello for 100 days! Cool!

Z finally got his braces off today, after two long years (for this last round). I have to hand it to him; he never complained, griped, or whined about them - not once. Once or twice they did ache a bit after an adjustment, but instead of whining, he'd ask for a Tylenol. It sure made a difference in his facial appearance - now his jaw is even and regular, and his teeth are straight and even. Tomorrow he gets his retainer. Getting him to wear that on a regular basis may yet be a problem.

I worked long and hard today on the Bach Minuet #2, and the Schuman piece, but I have a long way to go before either one even sounds close to that CD. The good news is that I am finally sensing some progress... I am able to run through Rigadoon and the Etude without any errors. Now, I'm working on improving the sound in those and all the other pieces...

I've avoided doing much griping lately about political things, but I've got to say something about this teacher in Colorado who compared Bush to Hitler. Tonite, he's shaved his head (to better fit in with his "crowd"), and is quickly backpeddling - everything he was saying was intended to stimulate discussion and make his class think! Bull! Was anybody surprised that Matt Lauer pitched him a bunch of softballs on the Today show - after all, he's saying what al-NBC seems to believe?

Here's a guy whose let his position as a cool, popular teacher go to his head. He gets up and preens in front of his classroom and apparently likes to hear himself talk. Not only was what he was saying way off the mark in normal situations, but to rant and rave like this in front of a room full of impressionable high school sophomores (half of whom are probably so infatuated with him they'd do whatever he asked in order to get approval) is just wrong! I really doubt many of his students have the courage to tell him he's out of line. Kudos to the one who did!

With HS teachers running amok like this, is it any surprise that the UW Student Council voted against putting up a monument on their Seattle campus honoring WWII Ace Fighter Pilot and Medal of Honor winner, Pappy Boyington - because he was a killer! What has gone wrong with our HS curriculum? They've become so PC that our war heros are now being condemned for being killers rather than honored for the sacrifice, the sweat, the gut wrenchin fear that they lived with on a daily basis for years, when their only goal was to stay alive. What a croc!

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