Sunday, March 12, 2006


Chat Room

I logged onto the chat room on the Internet Cello Society's Cello Chat forum, for the first time a week or so ago and I've been back three or four times since then. It seems like the same people hang out there. It's kind of wierd, talking to complete strangers. At times I feel as if I've got nothing to add and then I feel as if I'm just eavesdropping and really shouldn't be there. Other times, I'd like to say more, but then I feel as if I'm dominating the conversation. It's sort of difficult keeping up, especially if there are a lot of different conversations going on at the same time. Then for a while, nobody talks and it begins to feel weird... Several times the same people were on, the largest group was 8, the smallest was 2.

Today, after playing for an hour and a half - with satisfying results - I went ahead and installed the new Dominant A string in place of the Spirocore. It sounded different - a little brighter but also somewhat fuller and richer; but all in all only a subtle difference. Then I went through some more 2nd finger exercises (this time on the D string) in the Mel Bay Finger Fun workbook.

I wrote a long email to a cello teacher from Finland, who asked for adults' experiences learning to play the cello. Why did we start? What changes to self-image, and self-satisfaction? etc. I wrote him a short book...

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