Friday, March 03, 2006


Continuing to enjoy my new cello

What a nice sound it makes! I am making pure, positive tones that seems to make the cello almost purr on most of the notes - the difference is quite striking with the third finger (E on C-string, B on G-string, F# on D-string, and C# on A-string). I haven't found any wolf-tones yet. Supposedly "every cello has a wolf" but I read one person's comment that his Jay-Haide surprisingly had no wolf on it.

I played two hours and stopped only when my hands got too tired to move anymore. I sure wish I could build up my stamina... Today, for the first time, I played the entire Rigadoon piece flawlessly at the proper tempo. I think I've gotten the bow hold mostly correct, and when I think about it, my left arm seems to be close to the right elevation and angle.

I played around with some of the higher tones today. I've been resisting trying to find them on the scratchy plywood box, but this cello sounds so sweet that I've been drawn to experiment with the higher parts of the fingerboard. It will take years of practice to be able to hit these notes cleanly every time, but I'll sure appreciate them when they do come.

Looks like I've picked up a subcontract with my friend R, who has her own consulting business and has tossed a bit of work my way off and on these past two years. She called today to tell me that she met with a big client who wants someone to put together a major report that summarizes the past two years of field studies. Lots of money has been spent so far and they want a top quality job. R convinced them we (meaning me, primarily - she's too busy) were just right for the job. That's going to mean a lot of $. And I mostly get to work from home...

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