Wednesday, March 01, 2006


It's here! : )

After waiting ALL day for the UPS truck to come, it finally showed up at about 5:00. Laying on the cold floor in the back was a large cardboard box, with a "This End Up" label on the side (that end wasn't up), and "Fragile" written all over it. One corner of the box had been ripped and taped over. My heart sank when I saw that, so I took several photos, just in case. But when I opened the box, the cello case inside was intact and appeared to have been well packed.

I slowly opened the case to find my new cello laying there with no apparent damage or problems. It made me so happy to see it sitting there, almost smiling at me! The two dampits inside the cello were frozen, so I put them in warm water for a while and then put them back inside the cello and closed the case for several hours to let it acclimate to the room temperature/humidity levels in the house. The second guy at the strings store was supposed to have upgraded the bow but he didn't. At first I was unhappy, but then I was OK with the one I have. I'm nowhere near good enough yet to worry about a higher grade bow.

After a few hours I took it out of the case and carefully tuned it up (tightening each string a little bit at a time, one after the other, until they all reached their proper tunings). Then I played a few scales. WOW! What a difference! I couldn't believe how much smoother it sounded - cleaner, warmer, richer. The D and A strings were pure, with none of the screeching and buzzing that the old one had. Every note sounded so much better...

The buzzing on my rented cello was so annoying today, that I had to stop playing after an hour and a half. It was so distracting that I couldn't concentrate. I looked all over it, but I couldn't pin down the source...

I did find a good place to keep the case in my living room. I'll have to move a bookcase a few inches to make a slot for it against the wall. I'll also take some more detailed photos.

I can't wait to start making music with my new cello, tomorrow!

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