Friday, March 10, 2006


A new water heater

Twelve years ago I installed a "tankless" water heater that ran on fuel oil. Since we were using fuel oil to run the heaters, it seemed like a good idea - it should be cheaper to run than an electric heater. The best part was that we always had hot water whenever we needed it. We could take long showers fill the Jacuzzi., whatever, without having to wait for the water to heat up again. It has been acting up lately, shutting down in the middle of a bath, etc. This morning it wouldn't start at all. So we went and bought a new one. Of course every one of the connections was in a different location, so it took all day to install it.

Y didn't get a chance to shower this morning, so the weight was pretty heavy on me to get the new one installed - that meant I didn't get to play my cello this morning. Finally, this evening, I managed to find a couple hours to play "off the book". Since I had missed yesterday's playing, I felt a bit rusty. But after a while I got it smoothed out and played a while in the dark.

We've been enjoying watching the kitten run up and attack the dog. She still doesn't quite understand that we don't like her attacking us the same way, but now that she's gotten over her fear of the dog, she treats it like a big toy to play with - regardless of whether the dog is interested or not.

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