Saturday, March 11, 2006


Quiet, boring day

Since Z was gone to a friend's cabin for the weekend, we just hung around doing nothing. The @#$%^&* internet was down most of the day - it only came back up about an hour ago. So after playing my cello this morning, I spent the afternoon listening to Yo-Yo Ma and then Rasputina while I finished the latest library book. It was a bit unusual, the misadventures of a clueless middle aged Chinese student of French and Psychology, who was trying to get his supposed girlfriend out of jail. Really strange, but enjoyable.

Tonite I finally saw "Y Tu Mama, Tambien", a highly regarded low-budget Mexican movie, in subtitles. It was really good...

I felt really good about my cello today. I feel like I'm getting smoother sounds from some of the pieces. I felt like I was hitting the notes more cleanly, too. Even though I have a new Dominant A string, I'm going to hold off on installing it for a while to see if the Spirocore A continues to sound better (it did sound better today than yesterday). Rigadoon went great! So did the Etude. Even The Happy Farmer went well - still not yet up to tempo. I'm advancing on the Bach(!) Minuet 2, step by step. After a while, I switched over to Mel Bay's Finger Fun Workbook and worked on the "A string, 2nd Finger" page.

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