Thursday, March 09, 2006


Returned the rental cello

I took the rented cello back to the strings store and got a two month reimbursement. I don't feel very comfortable in that store, for some reason. They seem too busy and I felt (my insecurity talking here) as if they were in too much of a hurry to process me and push me out. I did talk to them a few minutes with them about alternative A strings. The guy I talked to claimed he'd never heard of the Jay-Haide cellos(!) He recommended I try a Thomastik Dominant (synthetic core) A string. I figured it was worth a test run. It will probably take a little while to get used to it - since they apparently stretch - especially at first.

I didn't get to play today :( since we had to drive to Anchorage. It was a good drive, with hardly any traffic. It was a clear, sunny day, -10 at home when we left, but +25 by the time we got to Anchorage. We made our usual rounds - WalMart, Costco, a few sewing stores, Lowes, I-Hop. Then home.

I got stopped by a Trooper on the way home - I was supposedly driving 71 in a 55 zone (I thought I was driving more like 68). This is a 25 mile stretch with very few curves, in reasonably good condition, with no sideroads, nor any sights for rubberneckers to slow down and look at. EVERYBODY drives 65 along here since the Seward highway, just 15 miles back, is a 65 mph road. It doesn't make sense that the "powers-that-be" haven't rebranded at least this stretch to 65. I guess they need it so the Troopers can make their quotas. For whatever reason, the guy who stopped me only gave me a lecture but didn't write me up for what he said would have been a $150 ticket! Yea! The gods were smiling on me today...

I'm still waiting for my new bow from Ifshin Violins. I assumed they'd be sending it out 2nd day air, but apparently not. I guess I'll call them tomorrow to get a tracking number.

That's it for today... I'm burned out.

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