Sunday, March 05, 2006


A silk cloak for my cello

Today, Y made a silk case for my cello out of burgundy silky nylon. It fits over the neck like a Tee shirt with drawstrings to pull it closed at the neck and the bottom. It sure looks rich! She also made a slipcover out of black velvet for one of my bows. The other bow will get a case from a dark green velvet.

I decided to upgrade my bow. I'll call the strings store in California tomorrow and tell them I'm keeping the cello, for sure, and then talk about bows in general. I may just return the $225 one, keep the $65 one, and then look at bows in Anchorage when I return the rental later this week.

I played about 2-1/2 hours today, in two sessions. Of course I played through Rigadoon without any trouble - I told my teacher it would happen that way (she laughed - I guess it's pretty common). I worked pretty hard on the four latest pieces - including the second half of the Bach Minuet #2. I tried playing some of the songs in pizzicato and also worked on intervals. It was a good day. I tried to use my mental posture checklist several times and it seems to help...

I bought a humidifier today for the living room. I'd heard so many horror stories about cellos coming apart at the seams in dry climates... The dampits seem to work pretty well inside the case, but I don't always have the case closed.

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