Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Moving on

With the recital finally behind me, I can now move ahead with my studies. Although I did play through those recital pieces yesterday (to at least get them right once!), I decided to stop playing them for a while. So today, I skipped them! I felt a bit guilty, but also relieved. To celebrate, today I started a new "fiddle" tune, an English reel called "Galopede", which uses a lot of "eighth-sixteenth-sixteenth" combinations in 2/4 time. I slowly played it pizzicato several times, and then counted the rhythm several times. Then I bowed the rhythm on open strings for a few times. Finally, I played through the first section very slowly. Tomorrow, I'll go through the same process again.

Yesterday we (the cello and I) sounded pretty bad, no matter what I tried. I spent a long time trying to find the sweet spots for each note. It didn't help much then, but today, for whatever reason we really sounded great! Ringing tones for most of the notes, with no squeaking or whining. I played several of the pieces slowly and easily, and I played their tricky passages slowly and repeatedly - dozens and dozens of times. I broke down the signature nine-note passage in the Bach Minuet #2, slowly playing them over and over again - first in sets of three, then the first four notes, then five, etc. It was hard to stop, and I ended up playing well beyond my two hours.

It sure is nice to have an up day!

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