Sunday, May 14, 2006



It's finally over!


I worked on those $#%@*^ pieces incessantly for the past few weeks, and still I blew the start of the 9th, 13th, and even the 17th measures of Rigadoon! At least I caught up and finished the last part, more or less in tune with the group. In the blues piece, I blew the G-A-B-C-slide combination several times. Overall, it wasn't as bad as I'd feared. After that, it went well, and I was really happy with my playing by the final tune...

At least my suffering was mercifully brief.

Over 150 people (parents and siblings) were in the audience. Knowing they knew more or less what to expect helped me relax a bit. The program began with two "twinkle" cellos (3 year olds?); they were cute. Then eight cellos (one was sick) and a viola played a sequence of six songs. We were followed by a string quartet with the viola, one of the cellos, and two violins, playing two pieces - they were nice! Then about 25 violins - starting with six or seven "twinkle" violins - played eight or nine pieces. And it was over. About an hour and a half, altogether.

What could I have done to make myself play better today? Practice more, I guess. Even though I really felt I knew these pieces, I have to admit I had been having some "issues" with those same measures in Rigadoon. I guess, as long as I was still having issues anywhere in those pieces, that meant I needed to work more on them. Practice till I have it perfect! Still, I'm going to let these pieces slide for a while - not play them for a few weeks. I sure am tired of playing them over and over.
Last Thursday was the worst day so far in my quest to become a cellist. For whatever reason, my mangled left forefinger had become hyper-sensitive; it felt like a subcutaneous part of the callous, - just in front of the sharp saw-cut edge in the bone - had become inflamed... After about 45 minutes playing, I had to quit. I daubed a glob of Aspercreme on the fingertip and shoved it into one of my used fingercots. After an hour or so, I removed the rubber cot and rubbed in the remaining cream. I did this twice.

It was fine by Friday morning, and I played two and a half hours without any pain.

Nevertheless, Thursday was a low point. I started thinking that my bum finger was going to prevent me from playing the cello. But Friday's session sure felt good; I was relieved that I wasn't going to have to abandon my musical journey, after all.

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