Thursday, June 15, 2006


Spammers & Hackers

Why would anyone want to mess with a cello forum? Daily, I've had to delete five or six spams from the Cello Heaven forum and remove the spammers from the members list. One day I had to manually delete more than 130 spams that had been posted on each topic on each forum - this included a particularly foul picture. Whoever posted it went to a lot of trouble. This forum is primarily used by new players, many of them quite young. It's hard to see why the spammers would post such garbage for them to have to see. All the spam seems to come from one or two places. It would be nice if the owners of the forum would upgrade to a newer version of the forum engine that would be more effective in blocking this type of spam.

The biggest problem, however, is the hackers who somehow get in behind the boards and delete posts. I've been backing up the forum on a regular basis and am able to rebuild the boards after these attacks. The sad part, though, is that a lot of messages, which included a lot of irreplaceable information and advice, were lost before I was finally given the authorization to log in and make backup copies.

Supposedly, the website host will be replacing the forum engine later this summer.

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