Saturday, June 17, 2006


Summer Visitors

'A' visited last week with his hiking buddy. They stopped here for just a day before heading off to Denali. Then they made it back here for two days before heading home. We managed to catch a halibut charter trip, out of Ninilchik. Z came along for his first fishing expedition. We easily caught our limit (2 halibut each - small but tasty) for a total of 70 pounds of halibut filets. 'A' and his buddy took home about 10 pounds, leaving us with a freezer full.

Despite the crappy weather we've been enjoying these last three weeks, we found a hole in the clouds out in the middle of Cook Inlet - clear, calm, warm. But as soon as we limited and turned for shore, the weather turned and the wind and clouds followed us home. A great experience, and plenty of yummy meals ahead!

Then 'B' arrived the next day with his wife and daughter for another week. Yesterday we all went on a cruise from Seward into the Kenai Fjords National Monument on the Glacier Explorer. The weather really sucked - rain, wind, heavy seas. Almost everybody on board seemed to get sick, except for me and a handful of others who sat on the front deck and enjoyed the ride. We saw a few Humpbacks and a whole pod of Orcas. And, of course a glacier. I could spend hours watching glaciers as ghey crackle and calve.

With all the visitors and touring we've been doing, I've unfortunately missed a few days playing my cello. It's frustrating doing without playing every day. Today I had an especially good day. I felt as if I had made some noticeable improvements in several of the pieces, especially the five fiddle tunes I've been working on and the new Mozart piece from the Suzuki book. By playing them slowly and repeatedly, and concentrating on the difficult passages, I felt as if I'd made a breakthrough (more or less) on several of them.

We're sure hoping for better weather. Summer so far has sucked.

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