Monday, July 24, 2006


Road Trip

Friday we left on a 4-5 day road trip to Chena Hot Springs. I like their new outdoor soaking pool, "Rock Lake". Quite large, from 4-5 feet deep, bordered with a jumble of large rocks, an average temperature of 105F, with a couple of really nice features. Best of all is the water-jet; a large stream of warm water jetting out of a pipe located 10 feet above the pool. What a massage! It makes me want to take the shower massage off my shower at home... Also, in the middle of the pool is fountain using a fire nozzle pointing directly upward, causing large droplets of cooler water to rain down onto the pool around the pipe - it's like being in a heavy tropical rainstorm.

It was a bummer that they restricted the new outdoor pool to adults over 18. Z sure wasn't happy about that... I can understand the wish to keep a quiet, calming atmosphere for people to enjoy their soak. But it's not fair to kids. At the least, kids over 12 with direct parental supervision ought to be allowed to use it for an hour so in the afternoon and/or early evening.

Their camping area was marginal, but at least we had a good site. The worst part is their generators running day and night. It wouldn't take much to put up a small baffled wall on the west side of their generator exhaust stack. That simple, cheap addon would cut decibels at the campground by huge amount. The generator running the ice house is also annoying, because it is so close by. It's right next to the canvas-sided yurts, which they rent out for $65! Gee thanks.

Coming and going (we're here tonite,as I write this), we've stopped at an RV park between Denali Village and Healy. Nice enough, but surprisingly empty for a Monday night. Traffic has been light. I bet tourism is really off this year.

Saturday afternoon, while cooling on a rock at the Hot Springs lake, I overheard a couple of guys talking on the neighboring rock about the Fairbanks Arts Festival. It finally became clear that one of them was their guest cellist, David Chew, from Rio de Janero. They were discussing their performance the previous night. I wish I had known. I might have found a way to attend. It seems a group of the guest artists had come out by bus for the afternoon. I debated introducing myself as a cellist wannabe, but decided instead to allow them their peace.

I haven't played my cello for four days. I really miss it. I won't be home for another day, yet.

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