Tuesday, August 29, 2006


New Word Processor

This post is being written using Writely, a web-based word processor that was recently acquired by Google. The demand for this program was so large that Writely stopped taking registrations for a while, but as of mid-August it is once again allowing new users. I hope that somewhere down the line, Google will integrate Writely into Blogger, replacing the basic word processor now used by Blogger. In the meantime, Writely does allow downloading posts to your blog. One gripe, already(!), that hopefully can be fixed, is using the Cut/Copy/Paste functions (I've gotten so used to highlighting and right-clicking) within the document, instead I have to use the Edit drop-down menu in the Firefox header toolbar. For a while I tried to use the blogger add-on in Word, but it didn't let you import pictures, and occasionally I'd lose posts when Word failed to download it properly, so I eventually stopped.

Does anybody watch Rescue Me? Since it is on FX, it does get pretty risque, but the more I watch, the more I like it. Denis Leary has always played edgy characters, but he's really honed it well in this role.

In Alaska, summer ends abruptly, around the time school starts. So, fall is in the air, already. We had our first frost last night, and a few aspens have started to turn yellow. Although the equinox is still 3 weeks away, by the time that rolls around we are already beginning to dread the first snowfall. Summer is so short here; we always want to make the best of it. Because of the long daylight we have to try to cram as much as possible into its few days. That can be fun, when the weather cooperates.

This year it didn't. I wasn't keeping count, but in mid-August, Emily reported 99 days of clouds and rain since May 1 (we tend to cheat and call May a summer month - because of its long days). Summers here have never been predictable. Some years it is hot (almost 80F on occasion!) and dry with intense blue skies (if there are no forest fires). Other years it is gray, drizzly, and cold. This year the thermometer crossed 70F only three times. One of our worst summers, ever - like the summers in the early 1980s. Depressing...

We really do have four seasons, just like everyone else, we just call it something else: before-winter (also known as brown), winter (white), after-winter (brown again) and summer (green). Winter lasts from Oct 1 to April 15, brown is usually mid-Sept to Oct 1, and again from mid-April to mid-May. Green is the four short months in between the browns. Add a crappy summer to the mix, and we wonder (again) why we continue to stay here.

And here comes winter, already...

[This was pretty easy to post from Writely to my blog, but the download from Writely didn't carry the title into the blog itself - although the title shows up in the list of posts(?) I had to edit the blog in Blogger to add the title...]

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