Saturday, October 21, 2006


Prowling in its lair?

For the past couple days, after playing for a couple hours I tinkered a bit with the wolf eliminator. Their design makes it so easy to install and move around on the strings. The first day, I had started with the 5-gram weight, and then switched to the 7-gram weight on the d-string. The next day, I moved it over to the g-string for a while, and then later put the 9-gram weight on the g-string.

But, when I bowed the open D it was so loud and intense, that it felt as if my cello wanted to get up and walk around the room. It was a reasonably clean D, but strong. I "dialed" it back by sliding the weight down the string. Today, I played through most of my session with the 9-gram on the g-string, but at the end, I put the 7-gram weight back on the g-string for a while. It also produced an intense D, which I was able to dial out by sliding it lower.

Then I put the 5-gram weight on the g-string. It didn't affect the D as much, but I'm suspecting it really isn't doing enough about the wolf.

Tomorrow, I'll see how it goes. Eventually, I'm going to have to settle on one, send the others back, and then try not to tinker with it. Maybe I'll keep two or three of them...

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