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I guess it will take some time to get used to my new metronome. It is certainly loud enough, and very easy to adjust, but I had trouble dealing with that downbeat bell and I had to shut that feature off. I guess I'll get used to it in time.

A disappointing practice day. Too many distractions, including a fantatastic moonset this morning out my northwest window. Still, rather than give in, I persevered and ended up working extra on the basic rhythm orchestra piece "Palladio". I'm really hoping I can give a passable performance in tomorrow night's rehearsal.

Oh, here are two more cellists in the blogosphere: MiaCella, with her new blog, "Cello on the Roof", and Madeline with her new blog "Cello: My Anti-drug". There was also a new poster today on CelloHeaven who was wondering about starting a blog...

[This is my 200th post!]

Another blogging cellist I have been reading for several years: AMK's Journal at .
To see just the cello entries click All my stuff, then the cello SuprTag. Unfortunately, I can't find the older archives online any more.
I'm pleased to announce to you folks that might not frequent the ICS boards much that Tim Janof has included my article on the New Directions Cello Association festival in the ICS newsletter.
Oh yeah, the URL:
Congratulations on the article, Terry. I just finished reading it. Sounds like it was a lot of fun.

And I see you now have profile registered in the blogosphere!

(Hey PFS, did you notice Terry's description of the Thai Elephant Orchestra? See, it was a good idea!)

Thanks for the link to AMKuchling's Blog, GTGP, I'll add it to my rapidly expanding list of "Blogging Cellists".

I think we need some HIPPOS to go with those elephants.

Congrats Guanaco on Post #200!

And Terry, good job on the article. I hope to be at that festival next year.
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