Saturday, November 18, 2006


Cello Videos

Curious Kitty
"Cellopro" posted a cool topic on listing dozens of cello videos available on the internet - mostly YouTube - ranging from Yo-Yo Ma to Pablo Casals, to Rasputina. There's even one with a theramin cello. I've since wasted a lot of time on that site.

Just now, though, I stumbled across Van Morrison playing on Austin City Limits . Wow, he sounds exactly the same! How does he maintain that growl after forty years? I've been a big fan since I first heard "Gloria" by Them in 1965 (Patti Smith's 1975 rendition of "Gloria" on her "Horses" album, is also outstanding. I've always wanted to compile all the various versions through the years). Some of my favorites include "Wavelength" and "Tupelo Honey", but it's one of his more obscure mid-60s cuts, "Spanish Rose", that I've always considered his best. I'd love to hear a duet performance by him and Emmylou Harris.
So, I have to put this aside for a while...

An hour later...

Nice performance tonight by a top notch showman. He even sang "Gloria", and he played his sax on one piece. At one point in the late 60s he was so affected by stage fright that he dropped out of sight for years, refusing to perform. I'm sure glad he found his way through it. Dish Network's PBS channel repeats this Sunday night, if anyone is interested.

Normally, in the evenings, we've got the TV on in the background - sort of listening, sometimes watching - while Z uses the desktop and Y and I are using our laptops. Usually we're all somewhere in the internet. It would be funny if we crossed paths somewhere out here. Z is usually plugged into his second life as an avatar warrior in Runescape . Y is usually reading through her various sewing / machine-embroidery / quilting forums. And me - I'm either blogging, monitoring the cello forums - including CelloHeaven, or reading other blogs (that [Next Blog] button! - it offers so much promise but seldom delivers - still, maybe the next one will be good... I usually have better luck clicking peoples "favorite links"). When I have a deadline, sometimes I'll actually do real work in the evenings.

In our online world, we are nearly complete Googlers: between us we use the original Google search engine, Google Images, Google News, Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Groups, Gmail, Blogger, Blogger beta, Google Notebook, YouTube, Google Sketchup, Google Docs&Spreadsheets, Google Chat, and recently Googlepages. I wish I'd bought their stock back when. I wonder how long before they come out with a browser? At some point, I expect I'll let go of My Yahoo homepage.

Today's practice was really satisfying. Tomorrow, I'll have to devote a little more time to my orchestra pieces for Monday's rehearsal.

And here I thought only us folks who live alone were online so much. I guess many of my family memories involve everyone watching TV together, so nowadays it would be everyone online together. I personally think the Internets are more enriching than TV. All those Brady Bunch episodes really warped my expectations of life.

Google stock, sigh. Another one of those startup regrets. When I'm 80 I think I'll still be hurting over turning down a job with Qualcomm in '91.
The family that "surfs" together...
Kitty sure is cute. (and at PFS's site too!)

Thanks for pointing out those video links.
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