Friday, November 10, 2006


More blogging cellists

Sorting through just a few pages of a google blog search turned up seven more blogging cellists. My sidebar list is now up to 23 [24], plus mine.

It's going to take a while, but wouldn't it be cool if this group of bloggers starts connecting through our common passions (cellos and blogging) and getting to know and share with one another?

That would be a great idea. I've been reading your blog for a while now and I find it impressive how you write about your daily 'struggles' in so much detail. I'm a blogging cellist myself, although many of my posts are not about the cello or music.
Yup I agree! We'll make a whole list of those cello bloggers! Thanks for linking me ^^
Yes, this is really exciting! Blogging cellists. It's fun and inspiring to read what others are doing. But I wish I could keep it all straight in my head. I've been here there and everywhere. Reading blogs, leaving comments, and then I can't remember where I was or who is who. I wish I was a little more cyber and computer savvy. As I mentioned on my own blog, I've been spending far too much time here at the computer (trying to figure things out) and not enough (or any lately) with my cello. But I digress, ... yes, it certainly would be cool if we could all get to know and share with each other.
Hi Anne-Lise! I have followed Cellojaren through the hazy filter of a rather lame google web page translator for quite some time now.

Hi Rico!

Celladonna, my bookmarks are cluttered with links to a bunch of blogs (in addition to music) that I've found, commented on, and thought I'd like to add to my monitoring list. But then I forget which is which.

No doubt someone is already writing a plugin comment tracker for us commenters.
Hi! I've actually just started a cello blog myself: Nothing of substance on it yet, but that should change soon.
Hi Cellist Hilton! It's so cool that you are recording yourself - I'm going to have to look into Bolt...
Just a side note on Bolt. I'm a little worried about the future of that site. They're getting sued by Universal Music over all the copyrighted stuff they host, and they've made their audio files less accessible by removing a lot of the navigation aids.

Another audio host that looks promising is Odeo. It looks more oriented toward podcasting than music sharing. I may switch over to that one soon.
Is it kosher to comment to commenters in the comments?

PFS, I checked out Odeo a couple of days ago. I like the blog plug-in player. But after joining I couldn't find where to upload audio, only link to it uploaded elsewhere. Did I miss something, or do I also need to find a host server?
Hi again -- I use Audacity as well, but I started recording less than a week ago, so I have no idea what I'm doing!
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