Saturday, December 30, 2006


Even More Blogging Cellists

Cellists Who Blog

Cellist Bloggers

There are now 34 35 38 cello-related blogs listed in my sidebar (mine makes 35 36 39).

Yesterday, when I reviewed my Counter Stats, one of the hits to this site came from a Dell/Google search that looked for "blogs cellists". I spent some time scanning through the 1,300 offered hits, I found 9 more cellist bloggers. Most of these have been around for at least several months. (I also found all the other cellists' blogs that I had previously listed in my sidebar, including my own blog.)

These new links include Luke Stanley's video postings on Cello Journey - although not technically a blog, it does offer commentary on each new posted video.

I've been able to include most of these in my "Google Reader", which catches and notifies me of any updates. Three or four of these blogs don't have site feed capabilities, yet.

While some of these blogs appear to be dormant, the majority are pretty active.

I've also added a few new non-cello music blogs to my list.

Our celloblogosphere is growing.


I just found another cello blog via Jason Heath's Double Bass Blog (see sidebar).


One of the bloggers I'd just added to the list left a comment about another cellist blogger to include. Thanks, Micha! I wish I could remember more of my high school Deutsch lessons, so I could more easily read both his and Sylvia's blogs. Oh well, there's always Babelfish...

Also, a new member logged into the CelloHeaven forum and listed her blog site. [It seems her blog has been dormant for a year... but, whatever.] And I ran across another one, randomly.

So now we're up to 39, total.


UPDATE (January 14, 2007)

Gottagopractice sent five more blogging cellists to add to this ever-expanding list. Thanks GTGP!

We're now up to 44 45 total!

How do you review your Counter Stats?

Nice work on your cello blogger research! Actually searching for blogging cellists is one of my favorite pastimes when I'm sitting here procrastinating. BTW, great music on Alban's blog.
Celladonna, you first have to add a counter to your blog page. I got mine from Bravenet's Hit Counter. There are quite a few other sites offering counters, as well. You choose the type of counter you want to appear on your blog and then Bravenet gives you a few lines to copy/paste into the sidebar section of your blog's template.

Then the counter will record every hit to your site and where, if any, the referral came from. You can then click on your own counter and view your site's viewer history.
Thanks, Guanaco. Oh yes ... now I see see icon your page. I'd missed that before. Have a Happy New Year!
There's just another blog, she is on stage with a singer/guitar player:

I don't see a way to e-mail this to you, oh keeper of the blogging cellists list, so I'll add it here as a comment to this old (12/31) post. A few more:
Cello, Celli, Cellist, (though it looks like she ran out of steam around Thanksgiving)
The Maestro's Cello
Am I not who I think I am
Chez Louise
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