Friday, December 08, 2006


Google's Blog Reader

In my sidebar I have links to about 25 cello blogs, and another five music blogs. In addition, I follow another ten or so that aren't music-related. Some of these bloggers post frequently - almost daily. Others, much less so. Up until now, the only way I would know if someone had a new post would be to click from blog to blog to see if there has been an update...Until now:

Google Reader, from Google Labs, lets you subscribe to (almost) all of the blogs that you follow. When you log in to your G-Reader, new unread posts are highlighted so you can now read through them like any mail or newsgroup program.

The only drawback, IMHO, is the inability to access the comments through the G-Reader. The comment feature is what makes the blogworld so interesting. Not only do you get feedback on your own blogs - it's nice to know there are others out there who are reading and thinking about what you are writing :) - you can also feedback to other bloggers. After a while, you even get to "know" some of the commenters by their comments.

At the very least G-Reader should include the ability to link to each blog's comment function without having to link first to the blog site.

You can add a Google "Next" button to your Bookmarks Toolbar, which pages through your unread subscribed blogs - but it links you directly to each blogsite rather than through the Reader. You can also add a "Subscribe" button to your Bookmarks Toolbar to instantly add a new blog to your Reader. Since it's still in beta, there undoubtedly will be a few more improvements coming - two minor fixes I'd like to see (so far) are an "Unmark Message" button, and the ability to edit folder names.

I wonder how each site's Hit Counter programs deal with this? Does each blog record a hit every time I log into my Reader?

Another great application from Google! I suspect they're eventually going to take over the online world - Watchout! Microsoft! Once again, I wish I had bought their stock way back when.

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