Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Now in Beta

You are now reading me in ßeta. The only readily apparent difference is that the "Next Blog" button on the Navigation Bar is on the middle-left part instead of the far-right location. That's kind of a pain when you are randomly surfing blogs, but after a few missteps you eventually learn to watch for it.

The Blogger/Blogger-Beta world has been wobbly lately. Yesterday it wouldn't let me post any comments in a Beta blog using my (non-Beta) Blogger ID. That was getting frustrating so I went into their FAQ section to find out what was going on. Then before I knew it, I had ended up switching over to Beta. They are now warning that the switchover will become mandatory very soon anyway. I really couldn't figure out why I had been so reluctant to do it. Actually, it was easy - it took me only three or four screens (since I already had a gmail account) and then it cranked internally for about 10 minutes and sent an email telling me I was now converted. So now I'm in beta.

Friday's recital is coming up fast! :0

I'm going to be ready. I've been playing through our one piece a bit faster than we've been doing it in rehearsal, and I've sorted out my counting issues. I'm not happy yet with my G# extensions - I've been tending to intonate these a little too sharp. That's my practice goal for these next two days.

I've only tinkered a bit with the new electrocello. Superstition, maybe, but I want to focus on the recital. Saturday morning, I will start alternating my practice sessions for a while to see how it goes. The reverb settings sure make it interesting, as do the headphones.

Although I currently don't have any neighbors close enough to hear even my loudest playing, I have always been super-sensitive to others being forced to listen to my inept attempts to learn music. My attempt to (re)learn the clarinet at age 24 ended abruptly when I realized I was annoying my neighbor who would hyper-patiently close his window - just across the narrow gap between our apartments - every time I started warming up. I just couldn't play unselfconsciously after that and sold the clarinet. Someday I hope to be able to play the cello much less self-consciously, but that's a long way off.

Welcome to Beta! You look fresh and new.

Good luck with that G# extension. I'm going to work my brain here and guess that the piece is in A major?
It's supposedly in D-Major, but about half of the Gs are played G#. It's a medley of 18 christmas carols in 72 measures, jumping around several times from 4/4 to 3/4 to 2/4 etc.
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