Monday, January 29, 2007


False Start

It seems as if every winter we get these warm-ups. Premature breakup. Unsatisfied, I always end up wanting more. I KNOW that spring is still three months away (up here), and that it would be dumb to think we might escape without several more snowstorms and cold snaps.

But dang it! The temperatures are in the 40s for the first time since mid-October. The roads have all melted, the snow-packed side roads and driveways are starting to slush out. Yay, slush! Right now it's raining, hard!

Warm enough to start melting the ice layer on the deck and allow the metal roof to heat up. When the ice dams along the eaves and all the accumulated snow behind them come crashing off the roof onto the deck, both the dog and the cat freak out and head for their nearest hiding spots - for hours. My pets are such chickens.

Usually there will be one or two of these warm-ups in December. But winter this year, global warming or not, has been unusually cold and snowy. I know it will get cold again, and it will snow again, but I take some slight comfort from the fact that these three or four days of premature thawing mean that spring breakup will come three or four days sooner.

Rehearsal tonight was disappointing. My fourth finger just wouldn't go to the right places, nor would my third. One slow piece starts on a downbow B dotted half note and then crosses to an upbow F# quarter note, and repeats this five or six times. I just can't seem to make this sound clean. Then, all the practice points I'd been working on all week seemed to fly out the window. Most of the pieces we're working on are relatively new, and I hadn't really gotten used to them being played by a full group, so that was a bit distracting. But I did well enough on most of the pieces that I'd practiced - just not the tougher sections I'd focused on. Most of them have several C# (g-string) or F# (c-string) notes. I've been working on my lower D-Major scale and worked on applying it to these sections, but... not yet.

I find I'm practicing about 2 1/2 hours each day, now, and spending most of that extra half hour doing practice point repetitions. I've done a lot of productive work on my new Suzuki piece. Enough, maybe to try playing some of it at tomorrow's lesson.

I ordered a cushion from, that Gottagopractice had discussed earlier. It came this evening. The spikey side is interesting... ;) I'll try the cushion out tomorrow morning and maybe take it to my lesson tomorrow instead of my folding stool.


This is Post #250!

I'm not going to say anything about that cushion. Nope, nothing.

Try it, you'll like it....

We had unpredicted hard freeze here in Jan. I went without running water for almost 2 weeks til I could get pump removed, welded, put back in etc. (Landlady refused to pay for it.)
But I think the worst was when dsl went out for 48 hours.
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