Monday, January 01, 2007


Picking up the pace

Today I added 4 beats per minute to my metronome setting, bringing it up to 108 bpm (my metronome says this is the borderline between Andante and Moderato) and then played the entire Suzuki 1 and first half of Suzuki 2 at this new tempo. (Yeah, I know, some of the pieces are in cut time, so I'm still a long way off on these, but it is a step in the right direction). I started playing with the metronome in mid-September, struggling to play through these pieces at 88 bpm. I actually liked playing the Bach Minuet #2 today, after so many, many months of struggle. Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but I feel as if I'm really finally playing some of these pieces correctly - possibly even with some feeling.

My cello has been sounding really nice - I haven't had a "bad-sound" day for quite some time. I wonder if it knows about the electrocello and feels as if it has to compete? I seem to have finally found the right size and place (7 grams, about halfway between the bridge and tailpiece on the g-string) for the wolf eliminator. After a lot of tweaking, I was able to "hide" the annoying booming effect somewhere between D and C#, and there is no more screeching on E or F. I haven't had to make any adjustments to it for several weeks. I play the electrocello every third day with the amp. I try not to spend too much time playing with the reverb or the gain control.

You may notice some changes to this blog. I've spent far too much time this past weekend tinkering with the template. The background was the biggest challenge; I found the necessary template edits at Beta Blogger for Dummies. The drop-down comments feature [click on one of the comment links at the bottom of any post to see what I mean] is something that I wish Blogger had included as a standard feature. At least Blogger provided the hack through its own help section.

Thanks for posting your discoveries. Google Reader has already saved me tons of time. And I really like the new comments. I feel like little Leia, following my big brother around Blogger.
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