Saturday, February 24, 2007


Time and Temperature

It's been getting colder and colder overnight. At the end of February! -8F Tuesday morning, -10F Wednesday morning, -12F Thursday morning, -15F Friday morning, -18F this morning!

The upside is - the days are sunny and intensely crystalline blue with fantastic sunrises and sunsets, and the nights are sparkling clear. Probably, hopefully, maybe, this is our last cold snap of the winter. Sure, we're bound to get more snow, and breakup doesn't even start for another six weeks, but the days are rapidly getting longer and longer.

In two weeks we start daylight savings time. A lot of people up here grouse about the change every year. Since our summers are filled with long days, why bother, they say. There's even a petition drive underway to put it on the ballot. Me? I love the long sunny evenings. The sooner that starts each year, the better.

Why do we pronounce February as FEB YOU WAR EE instead of FEB ROO AIR EE?
Why do we pronounce Wednesday as WENS DAY instead of WED NES DAY?

It's like, why do we say, your clothes are 'inside out' instead of 'outside in'?
Your descriptions make me want to visit Alaska. I mean, I've been wanting to visit Alaska for a long time, but it seems to be coming closer to a plan. I may ask you for some suggestions.

Also, where did you take/get those delightful photos? What animal is following the turtle, and how did they strike up a friendship?
My favorite time in Alaska is May-June, the days are l-o-o-n-g and the weather is usually good (although a bit cooler than later in the summer). Most tourists come between late June to mid-August. There are lots of cruise options where you could take a cruise up the southeast passage to Anchorage and then fly back home. The cruise companies offer lots of package tours if you like to go that way - such as a train trip to Mt. McKinley and on to Fairbanks. Another outfit rents small motorhomes... Lots of charter fishing opportunities, etc., etc., etc.

The baby hippo is an orphan that was placed in the turtle's enclosure (somewhere in Africa, if I recall correctly) in the hopes that it would find some comfort. Clearly it has. I've posted several pictures of these two guys over the past year. Some of the pictures show the hippo somewhat older (and larger) still following the turtle around like a puppy.

My son and I are always looking for hippo pictures, I don't recall exactly where these came from - most have been posted as Yahoo news photos at one time or another.
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